The Time is Now

by Antonio Ivanovski (A.I.)

Welcome to the 1st edition of the How to Change the World newsletter! Every week I'm inviting you to join my journey on becoming a person who is the change they want to see in the world!

Why this newsletter?

Most of us spend too much time consuming and not even time creating. We scroll through our devices endlessly reading LinkedIn success stories, laughing at TikTok videos, and liking pictures and videos of work others have created! What's wrong with that? Nothing, as it is a form of entertainment, relaxation, and in some cases, education.

However, spend too much time watching and life will pass you by. A great quote says "It is easier to create the future than to predict it." I want to inspire you to start creating, whether that's creating a project from scratch, making videos online, starting a podcast, or writing posts.

When you start creating and building things, it does a few things for you

  1. Helps you learn a new subject better as you are getting immersed in the details

  2. Puts you in control. You become an active participant rather than passive listener. You get to experience life for yourself rather than living through others’ stories. I personally am tired of having our future be dictated by a small handful of individuals at a few tech companies.

  3. You can influence a change in the world you see is missing.

With this newsletter, I want to achieve 4 things:

  1. Show you that you are good enough to make an impact

  2. By showing my weekly progress around my podcast, my newsletter subscribers, and social media followers, I want to show you that real growth takes time and effort, and that patience combined with perseverance is key to making a change.

  3. Inspire others to start building and creating, and join me on this journey!

  4. Help others pursue their goals while staying mentally and physically healthy. As a husband and father, my wife and son are my first priority. I do this work because I love it and want to create a better future for my son. I will share what is working, what is not, challenges (there are many of them), and lessons learned.

When can you expect this newsletter?

Once a week, on Friday!

Now, let's go!

1 Actionable Lesson

Most important thing is to just start. I said to myself I will start this newsletter, and even though I have no idea what platform to use to share this newsletter on or who is going to read it, I’m sitting here at 10:56 pm writing and finalizing the newsletter. They say if you aren’t embarrassed of your first edition, you waited too long to release it (idk if they say it, but i said it now).

The biggest mistake (it's more of an excuse than a mistake) I see people make is not starting something because they haven't come up with a name! I know because I have used that excuse way too many times. To start this newsletter with a little romance I'll quote the G.O.A.T. creator, Billy Shakespeare “What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.”

1 Lesson from this week's podcast episode

This week I hosted Raphael Hyde, Head of Design at MotherDuck and former Google UX designer, and I discuss low hanging fruit in web3, why data and web3 go hand in hand, productivity tricks, and so much more!

My favorite part of this episode was how Rafa ruthlessly prioritizes his time, and ALWAYS makes time for physical fitness. Taking care of yourself physical health makes you more energized in all aspects of life, including building your side hustle. To change the world, first you need to change yourself.

Full Episode:



Apple Podcast:

Current Numbers - 2023/01/01

  • YT Subscribers - 657

  • LI Followers - 6,484

  • Podcast Episode Plays (All Platforms) - 194

  • Episodes released - 5 and 3 more ready to be released this month

Goals for 2023

  • 100 YT Shorts posted

  • 35 podcast episodes recorded and released (8 down, 27 to go)

As you see, I don’t have specific goals around how many followers I want to reach, I just want to create quality content. How will I know if content is quality? If it is quality, people will talk about it, and followers will grow.

If you made it this far, thank you so much! To thank you, I want to send you a ten dollar Starbucks gift card. Reach out to me on LinkedIn or email me at and I will send it your way. It would mean so much to me if you could provide me some feedback. It would mean even more if you decide to join me on this journey!