Find what is true for you

By Antonio Ivanovski

To change the world, we need to simplify our life - Eliminate the bs and focus on what is true.

I’ve been reading a lot looking for different perspectives and trying to find what is true. What stood out to me? What do I try to remind myself everyday to live a good life?

  1. Don’t seek happiness, seek peace. If you have peace externally and internally, it will eventually result in happiness (Naval)

    1. How do you have internal peace? Limiting your desires. (Naval, Buddha)

    2. Don’t focus on self improvement.

  2. Love is the most important and always will be

    1. Without love, life isn’t worth living. You can have everything else, if you don’t have love, you’ll be miserable.

    2. If married, put your wife/husband above your parents. Your parents will be gone one day (hopefully very long time from now), your kids will grow up and find their own lives, your wife will be by your side till the end

    3. We all have regrets, but real regret can happen only from within your inner circle. Over-invest time in your wife, kids, parents, closest family and friends.

    4. For those with kids, the only thing your kids want is your attention.

  3. Physical fitness is crucial. Don’t treat it as optional, treat it as seriously as you finding the time to eat.

  4. The point of life is to enjoy it. It’s great to be productive, build businesses, etc. Doesn’t matter what you do in life, if you don’t find time to enjoy it, it’s not worth it. The universe has been around for way too long before you and it will be around for way too long after you are gone, so any work you do will not matter in the long run. This is a good thing. Enjoy the moment you are given.

  5. Always stay kind. It will return to you double. If it doesn’t return to you, it will return the kindness to your family.

That’s all I got for now, if I add anything else to the list, I will let you know!

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Question to leave you with?

What are the things you find to be true for living a good life (whatever that might mean for you)? Please message me on LinkedIn OR email me at and I will include them in next week’s addition