Two Things on my Mind

Hello friends,

There have been 2 things I my mind this week, so I'm gonna talk about both.

1st thing: Balancing the use of technology to have a good life

You hear it countless times, "I'm not addicted to my phone, You should see how much other more other people use it." That sentence is such as bullshit excuse. It's like an alcoholic saying "I'm not addicted, I only drink 10 beers a day. There are people out there who drink way more than that." While that may be true, doesn't mean that your behavior is okay.

I notice this with me. When I have my phone on me, I'm constantly scrolling on it even though I do not want. It's a power stronger than me. When I put it away, I don't care for it.

Further, as a Dad, this has been on top of mind as I try to raise children to the best of my ability. I just saw this from Adam Grant:

The easy answer is just get rid of it. But that's not the correct answer either. With all the negative effects technology has on us, it has just as much positive effects. Do I want my children to turn 15 years old and to be clueless about technology..probably not as they'll be way behind career wise.

Over the next few weeks, I will be exploring different perspectives on how to maximize the positive aspects of technology while minimizing the negative effects. I will share those stories here with you as I learn more.

2nd thing: We are conditioned from a young age to look up to the wrong values. I wrote this piece up for instagram, and what I want to achieve with my BidiDobar brand!

We need to change the definition of what it means to be successful. Nowadays, when we say someone is successful, we think of someone who has a lot of money. On the Internet, we see and admire celebrities, but we do not know what kind of life they lead and whether they are happy. We hear conversations like "this guy is abroad...he's doing well" and we don't know if he's happy or how he's doing there.

A successful person is one who wakes up in the morning and is happy and grateful for what he has. A successful person is surrounded by family and friends who love and are loved. A successful person is a person who sleeps peacefully and with a clear conscience because he knows that he has done no harm to anyone.

Let's advise our children to admire good and happy people, and when someone asks them what they want to be when they grow up, to say happy and good. #happiness #success #parents

Have a great weekend everyone!