I shall continue my goal of building my decentralized website, my first ever website.

My proile here on Farcaster & Paragraph will be about the opportunities ahead in Web3, with everything from passive income opportunities like bandwidth, storage & resources-sharing, to different forms of mining like GPU-mining, Walk-2-Earn, Browse-2-Earn, share your data to earn etc...but also about all opportunities on-chain, having your own true money in a non-custodial way. Just your money nobody else. On-chain here do we find everything from contributing to a project for rewards in forms of coding, writing, influence, help-out etc.

But also of course about all testnet opportunities and all the opportunities in the protocols without any token yet, which might retroactively airdrop to you in the future. Like one extension I have, it's just there I really need to do nothing than browse sometimes which I of course do as I'm a true blockchain;er and a true believer in decentralization.

  • So here comes the list on how to spread the message to as many as possible, in such a truthful way as possible.

  • Register a decentralized domain --> {check} domainName = Airdropstation.xyz

Have a decentralized way of storing all data & decentralized resources to host the website --> {check} Hosting and data 4Everland, Areware, IPFS & Verida. -->{Half check} Have some "Land" as it's called on 4Everland that will take me somewhere at least, I'm also pretty deeply nested into Verida which is built upon Polygon ID. Which I'm on a WL for being a storage node (Don't have the money nor infra to it for now.....which is to bad. I've been longing after this.

  • Find the right tools to build the website in a decentralized and scalable way with tech well that scales as told. I'm thinking about using Svelte other resources I might use (OnChainKit, Dappeling, CrossMint, Dynamic)

  • Some project that can handle credentials as the website will evolve and whitelists will be introduced for many reasons (For now thinking about Polygon ID, Verida and Rarimo.

  • Bring passive income in to be able to host and promote the website (Referral links, invitation codes to the promoted projects on the website will probably give some if I get some traffic) --> Other solutions I think about is commercial & funding in some way.

  • Bring a plan up on how to built the website, how will the UI look like, ease of navigation, good material. (Will try to automate as much as possible as I'm a solo dev for now also using Ai to assist me in this

  • Future goals train an Airdrop Ai, which finds projects with funding and indications of airdrops either on social media, websites, databases, in smart-contracts etc.... but that's for the future.

I will write about my progress with the website here, but also smaller posts about good opportunities like I told in the beginning of the post, this to bring in funds to really do this, but also to spread it so everyone can have the opportunity if they want to take it. Good night folks. See you in a few days.

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