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The reason why I do what I do as an artist

In many aspects I am creating my documentary for future generations. We all are, knowingly or not with everything that we are releasing on the internet for social media. Some of our documentaries will become best seller books and/or movies. Think about that and ask yourself what story about yourself you are projecting.

In balance there is a light and dark side and every movie has changes that keep us hooked, from the intro to the climax leading to the ending or sequel. I have been doing most of what I do since the early 2000s. I made music that reflected that timeframe and mindset, or how it was in the beginning if you will. The music on my YouTube is that introduction of when I started putting in energy towards poetry, writing and artwork that I also started publishing on a magazine called Airtek. This was before G-Rated Magazine was created.

I've watched industries rise and fall. Witnessed first hand my goals and businesses rise and fall as well. Some with an incredible rebirth and some short lived. This is what I document as a writer and an artist. The good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. So please be advised that my work might have strong language and content. Not all but some. Please listen yourself first before letting young ears listen to the music. I actually have it there as a teaching lesson of "that is where I was and that is what I learned from it" to myself and descendents. Because one thing I have learned is that if we do not make these observations and pass down this knowledge to future generations, then the same mistakes in similar situations occur without even knowing it. So if I tell you what I did and how it affected me, then it might serve as a lesson that you might have ended up learning the hard way like I did.

That is what is reflected in the music and poetry I wrote. It makes me the individual that I am today and it is not for everybody. I understand that and decided to give the background history to the music because if you are watching me as an artist you are seeing me create artwork and might enjoy that aspect of it. Then look into the rest of the channel and play a song that is not to your liking. The music might either be for a different audience or it might help encapsle the artistry for you. The top song I have on my channel, "All About U" is the cleanest song I have and it is labeled as "Parental Advisory" just to keep in mind.

On the Makavenna channel I present myself in the time frame of the life I lived being a single father rapping the lessons I wanted to teach my daughter and any future generations. I want her to be better and have foreknowledge of decisions, becoming better informed about life as a whole, and make wiser decisions, so I embedded in those poems I wrote with powerful lessons from real life experiences. Meaning, I didn't sugar coat it. I told it bluntly and I write it poetically from time to time. Still, Parental Advisory, but I can see the growth developed. And if you ask me, everything should be parental advisory. Watch what they are teaching the kids in the schools, on the games and on the shows they watch.

Current trajectory

At the moment I am focusing on displaying my artwork on the YouTube channel. I am looking to create live videos with ICT Records music playing in the background. Depending on the artwork, it will most likely reflect the music that is playing. I've learned about myself that the best way to bring the artwork to life is by setting the right music and energy to reflect the project that I am currently working on. In other words I might not be playing some country song while I am airbrushing Eazy E. Or I might. I go with the flow and energy my mind channels in order to make the artwork that is at hand.

I am very excited to be able to, here in the near future, play some excellent jazz music from a very special friend and mentor in my live YouTube Airbrush Videos. This direction will naturally clean up my image on the YouTube scene. I would like to make it clear that I do not intend to disguise my image, instead embrace it and give a disclosure. There are two sides of me as well as for everybody else. Even nature erupts when we have angered her and you hear the terms "violent storms" and after the rain comes the sun every time. I feel my artwork and my writings portray the same as nature and everything else. Sometimes it is light and sometimes dark. Sometimes witches and skulls, angels and demons, and sometimes just us as a human race, brothers and sisters doing different things. And sometimes I airbrush flowers, moons and butterflies. As beautiful as that might seem to some for their own personal reasons, they have deep meaning for me as well. My last name Luna means the moon and Pearl's last name means flowers.

I believe we will each have our own interpretation of the artwork. I do my best to envision what my clients desire to see come to life with my special touch. This is what I plan on presenting to you live with my ideas of future concepts. One is tying the artwork that I create on YouTube to NFTartwork that you purchase and own digitally. In some of the projects that I create, there will be an opportunity to bid on the original finished product. The development side of this takes time and needs to be tested till I find a formula that works. I appreciate all the support to my readers and viewers.

Thank you all for reading and for watching.


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