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Entry eleventh of All About U,

Born in a small country named El Salvador, located in Central America. When I researched ancient history about the country, I found references discussing who the first tribes were, but it was between Lencas and Nauha Pipil. No one is really sure. They came from the south or they came from the North from Mexico. It ended up divided into two tribes by the time the Spaniards invaded in mid 1500s.

The reason I bring all this up is because I do not know. All I was told is that in schools in the United States they don’t teach us anything. I remember mother pointing out that we have trouble just learning our states. So forth and so on, but that is all they said. They did not want to take the time to teach me the culture or the knowledge they know. By yelling out or assuming that we had no interests in the culture made me not ask. All we did as a family was conflict anyway. So who was going to take the time to want to teach. Everyone is alway angry at each other in secrecy or something.

Without research I do not know what part of the country my mother or father were from and where is the place I was born, in reference to the rest of the country. Now it is that easy to do, of coarse. Gather the questions you have about distance and locations, then go to Google Maps and find the answers. Much information is at our fingertips. However, not all of it is true. I found three separate scenarios about the first migrants to El Salvador, so I would need to do some more accurate research to find out the answers I am seeking for. And why do I seek them? We seem to be happy and content with the way we live. What does the past have to do with the present?

The past tends to repeat itself and if you are not aware you don’t even see that it is all happening again. There are opportunities to change and alter the pattern but it needs to be recognized before it can be adjusted. If you see your tire is low on air and one day it caused the tire to blow out causing the car to spin out of control and to the side of the road; then you might want to be cautious of that and put air in the tire to avoid a repeat, as a small example. I believe and try to teach that everything you learn is a bit of information you will need to put together with something else you learned or will learn.

When you learn that 2+2 is 4 plus 2 more equals six. 2+2+2= 6. Then you learn that 2x2 is 4 and 2x3= 6. You have to find the logic to it, because multipling accumulates much more than adding. Especially in finances and making money. The math I learned was definitely used in my drafting education and drafting career. They would as if I was gong to draw the line every single time, or will I duplicate it making it two? With two lines, you can copy them and move them same distance apart in any direction. Now you have four lines. Patterns. Keep an eye on those patterns. In drafting they would have a quote I heard several times “work smarter not harder”.

Tragic Beginnings

The one thing these sites agree on is the conquering of El Salvador by the Spaniards, like they did all across Central and South America. This is when documentation begins a narrative of the story. However, when I was told a story, I always wondered about the other side of the story. Have you? Have you ever considered? Imagine this for one second, the story is told that “there was victory and knowledge, wisdom, writing and math was brought onto the land” and whatever else they add to it afterwards. You are talking about per country per land they conquered.

The earliest inhabitants of El Salvador were Paleo-Indian peoples who lived in the country around 10,000 years ago. Imagine that for one moment, thousands of years before this bible was introduced and beaten into our programming by the Spaniards and the Roman Catholics. What happened before that? Who really were the bad guys? I do not know. I usually say there are no heroes or villains when we are killing another human with another family and another way of living. It is worth knowing and knowing why. It is worth changing. Not necessarily blaming, but definitely learning from it.

Good Salvadoran fighting spirit. The Spaniards with their barbaric slaughters across the south and the north, did not find any gold in El Salvador. They decided to stay because of the beautiful beaches, I believe I was told. The tribes did not accept the Spaniards as gods and fought to the death. Question that for a bit when a statement is made about how brutal Salvadorans are. I think it is funny, or it was back in the day, when I said Salvadoran people reacted like I was crazy for being from that country.

Many many wars have been fought in that land and I want to find out some of the reasons and alternative reasons. When Mr. Billy Carson from 4Biddenknowledge mentioned one time as a question “why do you think there is constant wars is certain places?” I do not remember the countries he mentioned other than El Salvador. There has been much interest in El Salvador by the United States for several years, but that is without saying. As Mr. Billy Carson also explains, “all the wars here have been fought, there is no one else to conquer”.

But things like this make me wonder why am I the way I am the way I have always been. I naturally gravitate against the system. I remember as a child believing in the bible but then suddenly as a child they started tellling me that we don’t ask certain questions. They did not tell me why, just that it is forbidden and who knows what else parents say in a heated debate with an inquisitive child that has you stunned for a moment because you do not know the answer either. Good thing now we can all do research and discover the answers for ourselves. Find out why they say that “the more you know the more you know that you don’t know.”

When I was a child and my pops had me bend on my knees and read the bible while he beat me with a belt, I had a major thought that crossed my mind. The guy beating me with the belt sounds like the guy in the book. An angry, know more than you god that constantly yells out that if his children want to live in his house or (his kingdom, his paradise) then we must live by his rules or leave. I am not saying this is what it is. I am telling you what I began thinking at that moment I was getting beat with a belt. The whipping didn’t hurt to be honest. All they did was fuel rage so deep, and possibly waking up memories from past lives, I believe. Because that is what I saw. A bible saying if I sin I won’t let in, and if I think I sin. Therefore I am.

But then I started listening to Mr. Billy Carson and his number one seller book on Amazon, Woke Doesn’t Mean Broke and his life story. It helped me look at myself in a more positive way regardless of what others think. Instead of the I am how I am f everybody that don’t like it and so on. So many things seemed backwards, ilogical and incorrect. I seemed to be the only person questioning it at the time, but Mr. Billy Carson has confirmed many of my beliefs and theories, with information backed by science. As he so cleverly puts it, he “comes with the receipts.”

Everything from Post Traumatic Growth, Entrepreneurship and several other topics he covers has helped me continue my journey. He is an example of a successful person who is also conscious and gives a powerful message of the true meaning of life is love. Love of thyself and love of everyone and everything else. He talks about the science of manifestation and many of the subjects he covers and I continue learning more and more everyday. When I had questions about how to get started with NFTs and the Blockchain, no one could provide me answers like his presentation did. Mr. Billy Carson also introduced me to the with Gven and his excellent team and they told us to keep pushing forward.

Two teach four teach forever more!

I am writing this series with the music “All About U” Inspired Creative Thinkers Playlist all for you Z and your Generation Alpha. This is my entry 011, written on this Sunday the 28th of January 2024.

Index and Outline of chapters to come. Thank you for being a part of a great journey.

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