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Entry twelfth of All About U,

As it was told to me by a few accounts about my childhood story. I grew up knowing this story so it is all I know, true or false. It is one of those stories that has been embedded in my programming and seems logical enough to consider to be true in my point of view. I just see value in telling the story as it has been told to me.

At age one and a half to 2 years old is when my mother and I made it to the United States. Therefore, this story would have taken place before then because we were all living in El Salvador the first time that I almost died. It was explained to me as a sickness that no one knew what it was or how to cure it. My parents said they took me to every doctor they could find and no one knew what to do. If you try to think about that in modern terms in the United States, with technology where it is, you would think that it couldn’t be possible. But in the time of my birth in a third world country that was, it is probable indeed. They all said I would die of this sickness when I was a baby, apparently.

But my family would not accept it, and they kept trying to find someone who would help them. In the end, they ended up seeking help from a curadora, I believe. I was healed and escaped my first near death. Not one that I can remember, but it was told to me several times. Especially after almost dying the second time. Imagine a mother crying saying it is the second time she has to live through almost losing me. How would you handle being told that you almost died as a baby? What would someone do to find out the information of what happened in the past, as far as a sickness that almost caused death? Would there be some evidence of that incident inside my body?

There were several more questions that I desired to know. I wondered who the lady that saved me was. It felt saddening that I would not be able to thank her for saving my life. In my teens I wondered if she did a good deed saving my life, or a bad one. I also wanted to know how she did it and why. This is the base that a few people used in my youth to convince me of the direction I was supposed to take, the hero’s journey, if you will. For instance, when I first met my godmother, the moment I entered the room I felt I light shine on me. She sat with me and with a serious face told me that I am a leader and will be a leader of something big. Something huge! Of very high caliber but it would be dependent on what path I chose.

The path she speaks of is choosing good or evil. I would either be helping save humanity or be one of its cruelest leaders, born in El Salvador, yadda yadda yadda. Almost died as a baby, but I lived. I survived and I am alive for a purpose, my godmother told both my parents and I in different occassions. I am attempting to tell you the G-Rated Stories Series as best in cronological order as I possibly can, so we will go back to age one. If this all sounds like a movie, it is truly the stories of events that happened in my life that I write now that my memory is in top condition. I am also exercising that side of my brain and cleaning out some memories that need to be resolved in my past in my mind. In other words, sometimes I need to go back and forgive myself or forgive others for things that might not have seemed so favorable or honorable at the time.

If this does not feel like a movie to you yet, don’t worry, it will. In fact, in order for me to describe this next part of my thought process I need to give you the movie that seemed to have in one family the roles of several sons tell part of my story. In other words, it took three different characters in the movie, Mi Familia, to tell the story of just me, somewhat. There was the son who got kicked being in gangs, the son who took all the pain so the other siblings can thrive and the writer. It is a great movie about a Mexican family struggle in the United States. I highly recommend it. The father of the whole family travels from Mexico to go visit an uncle in the United States that lived there when California was still part of Mexico. They called that guy, el Californio. Anyway, it is this introduction that helps me depict the story of our lives from scenes of that movie apparently.

My father traveled to the United States from El Salvador, having to cross Mexico to get there. That alone is a long distance. The other major difference is that he was there when I was sick, taking my mother and I to doctors. Therefore, he did not begin traveling until after I was healed. There must have been some plan either before or an epiphany after that caused for this action to take place. He traveled to Houston, Texas sometime in the 80s to find work for his family, my mother and I at the time. He was early twenties at this time.

I was a baby who survived a near death experience in the country I was born. My father traveled north looking for work and we were on our way to embark on our journey traveling through the trails to meet him. My mother tells me that my grandmothers and some other family members pleaded, nay, insisted that she leave me with them instead of taking me with her. I had already almost died and she would be putting me in more danger. To her that is why she couldn’t let me stay also, because I was still alive and she felt blessed at that time. So she went after her husband and took me on the long journey with her as a baby. Everyone says I do not have a Salvadoran accent and that is why. I have lived in the United States almost all my life.

In the movie, Mi Familia, the mother travels to the United States to meet up with her husband as well with a baby boy in her hands. It is after they cross the river, with that mystical owl and her son almost dying during that moment. Then she took her to some sacred place with candles and curadoras there, I believe who healed her son. I believe that movie is based on a true story that the son who became a writer wrote about his family.

Anyway, when I was 19 trying to write the story of my life I had to describe the information given to me into a scene that I can understand and up into a story that someone else can understand. So when my parents told me they took me to a lady who performed rituals on me in a room where they were not allowed to go in only made me think of what the movie had portrayed in order to explain what my parents were trying to tell me. So how mystical would you like to go? Because I can attest for many mystical events in my life that have me believe what I was told. When I was a child first told this story, I imagined my parents outside a doctor’s office with a blurry window trying to look inside. It is what I would have tried to do, peek.

I peeked through one of their eyes into the vision I had of that moment and I remember seeing myself naked in a well lit room, not dark like the movie. There has never been any further details of that vision throughout the years. When I came out of that room, I was healed. I was no longer sick. That is the event that took place that day I was taken to the lady who cured me. No other doctors could help, so I was told.

Would you tell your children such a story just to make them not be how they are? Would you justify one wrong action to stop another? At the moment this story of myself changed my life, I was in the process of creating a gang in search of being in one. The story of my death had been told to me several times through my childhood life but the power of those words did not strike me until a stranger repeated the story of events that happened after coming to talk to her for the very first time. She also predicted my next near death experience, although the date was wrong.

This is the story, Z, from the beginning of my childhood when I was younger than you are, on this incredible day February 4, 2024. I took a pause for a few days, as you can tell from the date below when I started writing the entry. Today you turned 3 years old. I talk about being able to see you become a grandmother, yourself. When your grandkids ask “what’s our story, grandma” you can take them as far back as you would like to go. To think, this could be a span of from 30 to 50 years from now. This is how far into the future I travel sometimes. To the days you get to enjoy your family with their own family. Watching a child grow from the baby you once remember.

This is me baby girl, taking my dreams from Airbrushes to Airplanes, living Abundance Art and Adventures. Creator, co-creator, content creator, writer, artist, single father, proud G-Dad, Entrepreneur, visionary, NFT creator, drafter, student pilot, music creator and poet. We had tragic beginnings, but our story is of beauty and determination.

When Mr. Billy Carson of 4Biddenknowledge speaks about generational wealth, this is what I envision. I have you to look at and I travel to see you as a grandmother, therefore, planning for the next one hundred years seems very important to me. The thought crosses my mind, what is wealth and everything else for only our family if the rest of the world is in shambles. It is all how we perceive our own reality, true. But we do also have a responsibility to share the world with everybody and everything in existence. There is an abundance for all of us and for our future descendants for millennia if we come to that understanding that we can make a difference by working together and providing examples of teamwork instead of letting fear distance ourselves from our neighbors.

My desire is for you, Z, to become a beautiful grandmother one day in her future living in a world still filled with beauty and wonders that this world has to offer. This is why I do my own research on renewable resources. This is why I am big on aliens, ancient civilizations and the technologies that could help us achieve a better world for all of us. There are blueprints, and being from a drafting background, I recognize blueprints of mechanical and structural nature. I understand topography and the study of the land for its uses in current era. So when I see a blueprint somewhere, I know that it is to build or create something. Not all blueprints work, but if we all start talking and sharing information open source and helping each other, we can decode these technologies so that they can all be spread to each and every one of us. The zero point energy, the hydro vehicles coming, other ways to create electrical cars without dangerous batteries, collecting rainwater and irrigating it to serve several purposes and other concepts and ideas that I am working on as best as I can.

When I travel to the past. I go back as far as I can with guidance of what I observe in the present. The thoughts cross my mind of the lack of education my parents had, from being born in a third world country and migrating to Texas for a better opportunity for their family. As many immigrants coming from the southern border, they all come to do those dirty jobs that most people overlook. The things that many never consider is how do the restrooms, the floors, and the work areas get cleaned day after day? People like my parents who are programmed to do the dirty work.

That is why on the song Heaven, Hell, Or Just Another World, I pose the question “who up in heaven cleans the toilets or do we no longer create waste?” Because if up there is similar to down here as they say, then all those following this religion to go to the kingdom of god and whatnot, could be signing up to do the dirty work once again, with the same discriminations, same classes and classifications and so forth and so on, with one person telling you my way or the highway everyday. I chose the highway a long time ago and plan on continuing my travels and journey as I journal my experience living life to the fullest. That is a picture of heaven and it is one that I create now on earth. I am not planning on living miserable now for a better retirement and a better death. I am finding and experiencing life now. I document it and I have long searched for the ways to create it into NFT writings, so that the stories can definitely be carried on in the future. If not by anyone else, at least by Z and any other future nieces, nephews, children or grandchildren I may have.

Two teach four teach forever more!

I am writing this series with the music “All About U” Inspired Creative Thinkers Playlist all for you Z and your Generation Alpha. This is my entry 012, written on this Wednesday the 31st of January 2024 and completed February 4, 2024.

Index and Outline of chapters to come. Thank you for being a part of a great journey.


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