The Correlation Between Real-world and Crypto Farming: A Fractal Perspective

An exploration of the parallels between real-world farming and crypto farming, underlining how this correlates with our larger reality.

Created by AI and myself, #AlexAirbrushLuna. The title is the instructions I gave the AI, and it was presented as the title which I decided to keep. The subtitle is the AI's creation along with the first few paragraphs up until the image followed by what I wrote on the topic. This is for fun, entertainment and information passed down to my seeds. (wink)

When we think about farming, images of green fields, tractors, and hardworking farmers likely come to mind. Farming, in its most traditional sense, has been a cornerstone of human civilization - it's what enabled us to transition from nomadic hunter-gatherers to settled societies. But in recent years, a new form of farming has entered our lexicon: crypto farming.

Crypto farming or yield farming involves using cryptocurrencies in a way that generates maximum returns. Like traditional farming, it requires strategy, patience, and constant monitoring. The crops here are digital, but the principles remain strikingly similar to those of real-world farming. Understanding these correlations can lead us to see ourselves as part of a bigger picture - a fractal of something larger than us.

A fractal is a pattern that repeats itself at every scale. It is found throughout nature, science, art, and now, even in the world of cryptocurrencies. Just as the fern leaf's structure is a fractal - each small leaflet resembling the whole leaf - so too does farming exist as a fractal, repeating its pattern in both our physical and digital realities.

The act of tending to crops in a field, waiting for them to grow and yield produce, mirrors the process of staking cryptocurrencies and waiting for interest. In both cases, there is an initial investment (seeds or tokens), a period of growth (germination or staking), and a final harvest (collecting produce or returns).

Moreover, challenges faced in both forms of farming are surprisingly similar. In traditional farming, issues such as pests, weather conditions, and fluctuating commodity prices can affect the yield. Similarly, in crypto farming, factors like market volatility, smart contract bugs, or regulatory changes can influence outcomes.

This correlation between real-world farming and crypto farming isn't just a coincidence. It represents how human activities, no matter how technologically advanced, still follow universal patterns that permeate every level of existence - from the microscopic to the cosmic scale. We are fractals existing within larger fractals, constantly replicating patterns whether we realize it or not.

Understanding this correlation helps us perceive our reality from a broader perspective. It allows us to embrace a more holistic approach, realizing that everything is connected and that we are all part of something much bigger than ourselves. Whether we're tending to crops in a physical field or navigating the digital landscape of cryptocurrencies, we're participating in a grand cycle that's as old as the universe itself.

April 16th, 2024. In my observation, the title Yield Farming and Liquidity Pool Mining by Gven Sariol is on point with my observation of my portfolio. This morning I was inspired to write on my 2024 AirManifestation Journal the photo submitted above as I thought about farming. I was outside when I wrote, "look outside, it is the moment to plant a seed now and watch it grow." With a little patience and foreknowledge of what you are doing, you can plant a seed outside, like some of us had the pleasure of doing as a science experiment as a child. Should this inspire someone to experiment with one, the other or both; that is great news. I am documenting what I decided to do yesterday and how I see it aligned with everything else I am doing currently.

Yesterday I planted the following: Beets, Broccoli, Cilantro, Purple Radish Microgreens, Spicy Salad Mix and Red Fire Orach. This was after noticing that a seed I had planted last year has sprouted this year. A very important lesson of how patience is needed when planting a seed, because everything I planted yesterday did not create all those microgreens and vegetables ready to eat and share today. Those seeds that I have planted are for the future. Watching the process of growth is amazing, and if not careful, one can stare too much at your seeds wanting them to do something for you right away. This analogy can be applied to several aspects of life, I believe. Last year learning basics of gardening and the importance of growing my own food was the focus I had above other knowledge I was absorbing. I gave much attention to growing microgreens and the "set it and forget it" style of hydroponic growing I found being done by Mike Vanduzee. The only issue with his style is that I was not able to set it and forget it. I kept thinking I needed to be watering daily and taking care of the plants, to the point that they became dependent of me being present to water them daily. Until the end, basil was the only plant that survived through the winter.

In October of last year I began my focus on studying crypto after a crash course in a trading school. I kept hearing words that I might have either just learned or just relearned in gardening and/or in trading being used in crypto and all the while my mind kept making these connections. Crypto is a fractal of us in the real world, who are a fractal of something bigger than us from my point of view. The platform provides explanation to terminology of the crypto world that gives me a better understanding.

I have been noticing many similarities between the crypto world and my reality. This gives me excitement because I lost almost all my crops last year and now they are growing again right on time, spring season. This sent me a signal that it is time to plant some of the seeds that I saved for this spring. All I need is water. A night of good rain, which has been teasing me for the last couple of days with forecast. The moisture in the air is keeping the ground moist and everything is growing. Patience is necessary as I continue to wait for growth.

I have the same sentiments with my investments, liquidity pools and farms in crypto. I get a desire to keep up with my portfolio daily and watch my investments grow. There goes another penny, there goes another millimeter in growth. I believe all my seeds are in their infancy and need to be nurtured daily but also given the space to grow. That applies to the seeds outside and the farms and liquidity pools that I have created, waiting for the rain to come. I, myself am still trying to stay tuned with enjoying this experience with myself, nature and everything everywhere at all times. It is a learning and growing process. Grateful for everything. Even this opportunity to create an Airtek Entertainment NFTnewsletter with the assistance of AI technology. The first part of this presentation was written by the AI system with the parameters given in the title. The idea to create this post came to me while meditating and written on my person AirManifestation journal with the image I submitted after the AI's portion of this newsletter.

I believe in the principles that I am learning in the community with the coaches and several students sharing with each other as best as we all possibly can. It is a huge task to take on, learning something totally new and not knowing how big it could grow. It takes a community to share experiences and lessons from failures and successes, so we can all succeed.

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Thank you for watching and reading.


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