It is All About U, Z, Entry010

Entry tenth of All About U,

I enjoy listening to the beats of ICT - Makavenna as I read.

Z, why do I say it is all about you? Because it is true. The last of the All About U series, beginning with the next continuing the sequence. Tragic beginnings, funny endings.

What the future holds depends on what you choose - All About U (lyrics)

Some call them rags to riches. Comical conclusions. Not all riches have happy endings. Lots of people come out a year later saying they are broke and do not know how to pay taxes. Just a fair, funny warning. Watch out with them taxes! Not the worst but it is important to be mindful of those situations. According to hearsay, they don’t really care if you made under a million.

So what the future holds all depends on what we each choose. I am on a journey collecting data on as I go from Airbrushes to Airplanes along with all the other jobs I enjoy doing. Writing, music, building, planning and more just to name a few. How about you, what does the future hold for you?

Though it seems useless and painful keep flowing not knowing if you’re lost, but you still going - All About U (lyrics)

Z, I wish you and all the family the best always. But sometimes for some reason we get disconnected and start feeling a disillusion of separation and no one understanding how we feel. I actually think most of us in life feel that way sometimes. But while we are going through the struggles, we feel like no one could go through something as horrible as the situation we are going through. It is just impossible! The great thing about the internet is the connections we can make and find people who have lived similar lives like us. Everyone learns different and their search would be different. Some might want someone in person to talk to. Others by facetime or something like Zoom. Seeing someone on YouTube might do it for you. But I believe in those readers and writers as well. I think they are just as important as pictures and visual effects.

Therefore, I write to connect. For anyone who might want to read stories or someone else’s hardships on the way to success. If you don’t risk you don’t lose, except the chance to know what if you would have taken a chance too. I must say that I have lived with no regret, excited for things I lived, survived and accomplished. Many times in life I felt lost too, like I did not know what to do because everyone looked at me like I was confused. I did not follow the herd just because everyone heard it was better over there somewhere if they just keep following. There are several of us considered the black sheep of the family. The ones thinking outside the box and above the skies. The ones reading between the lines. If it makes no sense it should be questioned. Even if I say it or write it. Sometimes I speak nonsense and many times I make much sense. It has been amazing how many times I spoke a desire and watched it become real. But if it is something you desire to experience for yourself, then maybe you should and if it seems like better just read about it and take warning, that is great too.

What the future holds for All About U entries?

For the future of this series of All About U will be traveling to the past. G-Rated Stories. I started the series elsewhere, but were not able to figure out who to receive the writing after paying for the minting. Therefore, I cannot access them now, will start from scratch with a different similar name under the entire series All About U.

Since I cannot see what I wrote either, I will start from a different beginning than the original series. So for the future I will be traveling to the past, then back to the future and the present, as I go along the journey of Airbrushes & Airplanes. For anyone who feels lost and keeps going, this is all for you. Stay strong and make the best of your dreams. This is the message I share with you.

Even after all the adversity and triumpth we are still here and we are still enjoying life. The new reality you desire is always within reach as long as you know it is for you and you do what you do to make your wishes come true. The universe will match you and give you what you truly desire. Here I am trying out new things that seem silly to some people. When I started airbrushing it was silly too, but I knew what I was going to do, no matter what anyone else thought about it. I changed my life for the better. Yes I have hit quite a few curbs and received many bumps but I have lived my life to the fullest and my journey of flying airplanes is my testament that there is always time to dream and new bigger badder more awesomer dream. Who cares about vocabulary! Just kidding, but keep dreaming and challenging yourself to be better. Think highly of yourself because we all make a difference by simply being the best us we can be. Not for anybody else, only for ourselves.

This is my first warning and will have to follow each post with Parential Advisory since I will be talking about topics that parents should overread before letting their children read. Obvioiusly it is different for each family. In our family we are like, oh you are telling them about that time when… because it is a part of our story. For someone else, they might think it sounds violent and too much for their children. Should be simple, in the intro first words Parental Advisory: Explicit Content

This should be interesting.

Two teach four teach forever more!

I am writing this series with the music “All About U” Inspired Creative Thinkers Playlist all for you Z and your Generation Alpha. This is my entry 010, written on this Friday the 27th of January 2024 and today I found out that I am going to be an uncle. I am very excited!

I usually think of myself teaching you all this stuff as soon as you start asking. So I am trying to stay ahead, although there is so much to learn and I am doing my best to keep up with you. Take care and talk soon. Love you Baby Pearl

Index and Outline of chapters to come. Thank you for being a part of a great journey.

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