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We recommend this video about Trusts.

Gven and April give out information about having a Trust. As always, do your own research.

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Dear Reader,

The posts that I make are entertaining information that I share to my descendants and anyone who finds the work something to read. I address Z many times in the title or as the addressee or in the conversation in the paragraph. Seems a good idea to explain to any new readers. My g-baby is named Alezandra with a Z. Therefore I use Z to address her and also the Generation Z, which is my daughter’s generation.

My daughter is middle named Pearl, and she decided to give the same middle name to her three year old. This is why we talk pearls, starting with two girls named Pearl. Imagine introducing characters to a script long before they become well known influencers. Not social media influencers, although her’s account is just beginning to go viral on one of her social networks. I am thinking bigger than that. Only time will tell how they play their roles. We all have our part in the story.

I wear many hats in the family. The one I am focusing at the moment here is being the explorer of the family. I go for the furthest reaches of the cosmos and beyond when I can. It is quite an expansion. Therefore I am finding ideas and testing them, setting up the initiative for anyone else to pick up where I left off. I tend to wait until asked what do I know about a certain topic after hearing a little of what the other person thinks. I know bits and pieces. Sometimes I am on a beta testing project or site. Sometimes I am just one of the first to have tried it. That goes with my mischievous ways as well. This is why I write to you as a warning sometimes, of what happened to me the time when…

When I have told Tati and Alex some of these stories, they have been fascinated. Both mentioned it all sounding like a movie, the story of my life. It is quite crazy, being stabbed, being locked up, and going through several challenges that I survived. Then listening to Mr. Billy Carson from 4Biddenknowledge, I heard him mention epigenetic memories being passed down through the father’s genes from somewhere around 5 or more generations. The bad memories from my great grandfather, grandfather, father and I all get passed down to my daughter. This applies to every father to their children. Since being a single father raising my daughter, I decided many things that did not seem right I would make a change.

My Point of View

This is simply my point of view, but I start looking 5 generations back and 5 generations forward. That is what I am doing in these writings as I experiment with being an NFT writer. We have reached 700 followers on the website and it started as Airbrushes & Airplanes with zero in 2022. So I am confident that this might not seem relevant now, but in the future it might make lots of sense. The future can be tomorrow or years from now. As mentioned, I am thinking 5 generations ahead. I am doing the best to record our past as best as I can now to share up to 5 generations ahead, and more if possible. The plan is evolving as my knowledge increases. The way for me to figure out what I am doing somewhat is to test features, buttons, and points of views. I ask questions, “what do I need to do and what can I do as a writer or artist creator?” and “how will my audience be able to view it, pay for it and receive it?”

Before I reach out to my customers and inform them of the new setup I am using, I want to be sure I understand it and know how to use it from the point of view of the seller and the buyer. The artist and the client. The writer and the reader. Most of my clients are not educated in cryptocurrencies. Most of my family is not either. Neither is most of my friends. This is new territory and the way I see it, if I am testing platforms, features and all, I should play around with sample entries first as I learn the programs. This is the stage I am in with the NFT writing side of things, testing features and platforms. Currently I am supposed to be able to embed and NFT from this site to this post, but I wasn’t able to accomplish yet. “Back to the drawing board” as they say.

It is fascinating to see this post and for further testing, I minted another writer’s work We are so early and there is a link that I copy and share for rewards. It is a great article I ran into currently. In the article **“Onchain Boosts” **it mentions an app called Sound for music NFTs. This is very fascinating to me, although our music is already being distributed by DistroKid and I have already taken the time to write the lyrics on - All About U Lyrics, and if it can be included in an NFT that would be priceless, plus gas fees.

Generational Wealth and Knowledge

Z is three and my sister is having a baby making me an uncle. Our family continues, and the ones who might be reading these writings of mine might not be able to read yet. This to me is creating generational wealth. Believing in the knowledge and opportunities being provided for the family now and in the future, while also documenting the now and the past.

When I think about generational wealth, it seems to me that it is more than just having lots of money for grandchildren and great grandchildren to spend it all. It is about education on financial literacy, being self employed, learning how to earn, manage and budget individually before receiving. Generational wealth is the assets and real estate we acquire and maintain for all of us to enjoy the fruits of our labor. This means the values will be in the assets themselves.

The initial project was started in 2014 when my daughter, Pearl, was ten years old. That is when we first bought this property. It has been slopes and challenges as we held on by ourselves for many years. Many lessons learned, but they seemed terribly difficult at times. At times it felt we did not have enough for necessities and suddenly things changed and we were eating good. We learned to minimize, to live with and live without. To have and to make do with what we have. It has been a slow progression for quite some time. Last year the value of the house skyrocketed. This September 2024 we celebrate our first decade with our loving house, our loving home. Also this year my daughter reaches two decades. Time does fly.

We hit quite a few snags the previous years and took valuable lessons that will help us establish wealth and figure out how to manage and maintain it in order to pass down to the kids in the future. The goal is for all of us to enjoy it. Living benefits for all of us and the kids. But if we didn’t learn how valuable having a home is, then it would be mistreated until its collapse or resell as an ugly house or something. With what Alex, Tati and I learned together while in San Antonio, we carried it back home with true desire to take care of this house for Z. We are grateful to be celebrating 10 years in our home.

Trust in Family

The next step is one that I have been contemplating for about a year and a half now. Our current scenario with the IRS is proof of why it is necessary to establish a Trust. Currently the issue we have will be resolved soon and quickly with digits, the centralized system will say these guys are okay. It was a mistake, we have proven that to them and we are okay but until then there is debate, so they say. I actually did what I could without the assistance of the government the last couple of years just to show that until you go and show that you are innocent, these people will do all they can to try to manage and control your money. Banks have done the same as well as other centralized institutions. Therefore, I can say that I have experiences what Gven Sariol speaks about when it comes to tax issues.

But our issues will be solved with representation and a conversation. I am also wanting to document this event because it will be a weight off our shoulders. We will be ready to proceed with caution. Seems many lessons were learned from people who took the bait right away. Or at least from what I heard from a tax professional, this year is when they are coming for those people that now owe for some reason. This is why it is important to share information. We tell each other when I did this, something happened. Not saying you should or shouldn’t do it. I am sharing my experience with that decision. This is not financial advice for anyone who reads this! Please do your own research. Even if you are my family, it is important to each be informed, not follow blindly. This is one of the things that they emphasize with the skills they teach at the ARC. They teach each one of us needs to do our own research.

As mentioned though, I had been looking into the topics of Trusts for some time now. Most likely when Alezandra “Z” was born. I had this theory that my daughter would take better care of our home if she knew it was going to be passed down to her daughter. Especially if she learns how to manage it, pay the bills and take care of it. My daughter has truly learned very valuable lessons and she understands the importance of having a Trust. This authenticates that what has been decided as a family is binding in a contract fulfilled in a trust, that Z will be inherit the property or one of higher value if it comes to a point when it is necessary to sale. The times I have seen necessary to sale is when a government or major corporation runs in your town surveying and marking a right of way zone. If you are in their right of way zone, you are in their safety net zone they need in order to dig and/or operate. Therefore, it is necessary to know your neighborhood and what is changing in your surroundings. I’m not saying spy on your neighbors. I’m saying keep an eye on those markers and be kind to your neighbors. Not everyone wants to work together but if you find neighbors willing to help the community, all the better I believe.

Mr. Billy Carson explained trusts on some of his podcasts. Then I heard Kika Wise speak on the subject. I kept thinking this is powerful information coming at the right time. I could not execute it alone, but I can continue to learn about it. My desire for a trust was to simply have an excellent plan on how I want my assets passed down. I wanted to have the house under a separate entity so that I do not have it under my name. One of the reasons for that is because I am truly pursuing this vision of mine of Airbrushes & Airplanes. It just seems to me that in order for me to fulfil my goal, I must be free of those responsibilities that currently do not suit me. However, my daughter with her three year old daughter will benefit tremendously by taking on the responsibility and make it home for another generation.

I give myself the challenge to learn how to fly, take on the sky, land on water and find a place to start all over again with the resources I have available. This opens up the entire world for me to explore. More than likely, I am heading to Ireland first. But there are several places that I am about to explore. Some I have written down and some I have yet to discover. Meanwhile I will know my family is in a trust and I can trust in family. Because family is taking care of the family assets and the goal is to maintain a happy life as best as we can possibly manifest and be grateful for.

**Trusts To Minimize YouTube video with Gven and April Rose Mora **has given me an even more structured idea of the whys and hows of different types of trusts. Just by the information I heard alone before the video and this new data, I have obtained a wealth of knowledge and a direction that I would like to take the trust for our family. We can all work as a whole while all working individually following where our hearts lead us to in order to be aligned with ourselves and higher power. Whatever each one of us desires to pursue, we can and when it feels beneficial to put into the trust, we can. Some might not do it right away. I find much benefit to put all my assets into a trust that we create. As I wander into the unknown and travel around the world, I can continue to be an explorer and contribute to the family.

I am choosing to explore in the physical and in the metaverse. I am looking for solutions to how the connections will be made when I sell my artwork and writing. I am also looking for ways to implement our music and projects we have been working on as NFTs and tokenized assets. Essentially the direction is to become our own bank, as Gven Sariol states in several of his presentations. As I listen to his webinars and learn from the ARC as a student, I get a foundation for what I am looking to accomplish. As I stated before, Gven recommends doing our own research and states he is not a financial advisor. Neither am I, this is simply a direction I am taking and if necessary the model can be duplicated, modified and adjusted to suit different needs.

Mrs. April Rose Mora stated in the webinar that crypto assets are indeed passive income assets that could also be held under the trusts. Therefore, I can continue to experiment with NFTs in art and writing, and as we collect earnings and profits, there is a solution already in place waiting when needed. This is all a working progress, the ideas that I am executing but do not have a result with currently. I will keep you posted, G-Rated Family.

Two teach four teach forever more!

I am writing this series with the music “All About U” Inspired Creative Thinkers Playlist all for you Z and your Generation Alpha. This is my entry 021, written on this Wednesday the 14th of February 2024.

Index and Outline of chapters to come. Thank you for being a part of a great journey.


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