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BEVM Mainnet: Earn Rewards and Mint Genesis NFTs!

2$ could EARN you $2000 if you do this today! (NFA)

Great news! BEVM Mainnet is now live, offering exciting rewards for contributors like you. Whether you're interested in #BTC #Layer2 or #Ordinals, BEVM is building a compatible EVM BTC Layer 2, and they've garnered significant support from Maple Block, WaterDrip Fund, and other investors.

Despite past campaigns like OG NFT, Galxe, and Helsinki Phases ending, there are still opportunities for you to get involved and earn rewards. With a valuation of $200 million, BEVM is a significant player in the space.

Introducing the taproot Consensus, BEVM enables the implementation of a decentralized Bitcoin L2 solution, paving the way for exciting developments. Here's how you can participate and earn rewards:

1. Accumulate Echo Points:

- Visit the BEVM site [here]( or [here]( to earn 10 points instantly.

- Connect your wallet, Twitter, and Discord accounts to earn an additional 20 points.

- Invite others using your unique link and earn 10 points for each referral.

2. Genesis Box Minting:

- Head to the Genesis box tab on the BEVM site or visit []( to participate.

- Act fast, as the Genesis campaign ends on April 3rd.

3. Bridge to BEVM Chain:

- To participate in Genesis box minting, you'll need BTC gas in the BEVM chain.

- Use the official bridge or OmniBTC Finance for a cheaper route.

- Bridge from other chains (Arbitrum, Blast, Optimism, etc.) to BEVM on OmniBTC at a low cost.

- Bridging typically costs approximately $1, making it accessible for all users.

4. Mint Your Genesis NFT:

- After successfully bridging, proceed to mint your Genesis NFT.

- Gas fees are minimal, around $0.5, ensuring cost-effectiveness for participants.

Don't miss out on this opportunity! Even if you missed previous campaigns, you can still participate in the Echo Points campaign and Genesis box minting to earn rewards and contribute to the BEVM ecosystem. Get started today and be part of the future of Layer 2 solutions on Bitcoin!

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