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Exciting Opportunity: Earn Up to $1000 with DFlow on Solana Airdrop!

Are you ready to seize a potential reward of up to $1000? DFlow is revolutionizing decentralized order flow markets with its pioneering protocol. Backed by institutional market makers, DFlow provides a liquidity lifeline to retail traders.

With the mainnet launch on the horizon and significant funding secured from industry giants, now is the time to get involved. DFlow's protocol not only empowers retail traders with optimal trade execution but also rewards them with rebates on each transaction.

Here's how you can participate and earn early access XP points as a token of appreciation for your support:

1. Sign up for a DFlow account to kickstart your journey.

2. Act fast, as this phase concludes by April 2024. Don't miss out on the opportunity to earn XPs!

3. To qualify, deposit a minimum of $5 worth of tokens into your DFlow account. Rest assured, you retain full control over your funds, akin to a traditional custodial wallet.

4. Remember: withdrawing your funds before the Airdrop phase ends will reset your XPs to zero. So hold off until the campaign wraps up.

Ready to dive in? Follow these steps:

- Visit to get started.

- Enter your email and complete the verification process.

- Use the invite codes provided below to log in and start earning XP:

Invite Codes:




Once logged in, safeguard your private key for account access. You can also manage your deposited tokens via wallets like Phantom.

Now, onto the exciting part:

- Click on "Deposit" and select your preferred tokens for deposit. Make sure to verify the necessary ones and copy your deposit address.

- After depositing, monitor your XP accumulation. The more you deposit, the higher your XP rewards!

- Share your invite codes with others to boost your XP earnings.

Plus, there's an added incentive with our Referral Tier System:


Bronze 1–5 250 + 5% of XP

Silver 6–10 350 + 7.5% of XP

Gold 11–20 500 + 10% of XP

Once you've completed these steps, you're on track to earn XPs and unlock rewards post-airdrop campaign. Don't let this opportunity slip by – DFlow holds immense potential. Join us today!

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