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Layer N's Public Testnet (Incentivized)

Welcome to Layer N's Public Testnet Phase 1 tutorial for beginners! Here's how you can get started and earn rewards:

1. Connect Your Wallet and Social Accounts:

- Visit

- Connect your wallet and sign the message.

- Navigate to the "Profile" tab and link your Twitter and Discord accounts.

- Take a screenshot showing your connected accounts for the next step.

2. Complete Tasks and Answer Questions:

- Head to

- Find tasks with questions and provide the following answers:

- 120k

- Solidity

- NordVM

- Eigen DA

- Rollups nodes with custom execution engines

- NordVM

- $5 million

- Susa

- Remember, in one task, you'll need to submit the screenshot of your profile with connected social accounts.

3. Explore Galxe Tasks and Test Spot Trading:

- Discover Galxe tasks at

- Begin spot trading on the testnet.

4. Join the Quiz:

- Answer the quiz questions: D B D A D D A B A C.

5. Try Out Nord.Layern:

- Visit

- Follow the onboarding steps and set up your wallet on Holesky Network to start having fun.

6. Stay Connected:

- Follow @LayerN_Official on Twitter.

- Join the Layer N Discord community at

Get ready to dive into Layer N's Public Testnet and start exploring!

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