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Nyan Heroes presents a team-based hero shooter where adorable cats command colossal mechs. Their aim is to craft an engaging shooter experience driven by unique intellectual property, featuring felines in mechanized suits, appealing to a broad audience of mid-core shooter enthusiasts, regardless of age or gender.

Having secured investments from notable backers such as Mechanism Capital and Delphi Ventures, Nyan Heroes has initiated an airdrop campaign. Participate in the airdrop by completing simple tasks to accumulate MEOW points. Additionally, earn extra points for each successful referral. These points will be exchanged for NYAN tokens once the token is launched.

Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Go to the Nyan Heroes airdrop page.

2. Link your Twitter account.

3. Enter the referral code “ajalaoluwasogo” and register.

4. Receive 400 MEOWS upon registration.

5. Accumulate more MEOWS, akin to points, to increase your $NYAN token allocation.

6. Complete additional tasks to earn more MEOWS.

7. Boost your MEOW balance further by referring friends.

8. Exchange your MEOWS for NYAN tokens once the token is live.

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