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Have you heard about @SenderLabs, backed by #BinanceLabs? Learn how to position for SenderDAO Points Reward with this concise guide:

Cost: $0.1 $NEAR = $1 Deadline: May 3rd

Wondering what @SenderLabs is? It's a browser extension wallet built on NEAR, having raised $4.50M from esteemed investors. BinanceLabs seed investment is yet to be announced.

Here's how to reap rewards by joining the program:

  1. Create an account on Sender wallet:

  2. Fund your wallet with $0.1 $NEAR (approx. $1): Copy your wallet address, visit any exchange, and send $NEAR.

  3. Connect your account:

    • Visit SenderDAO

    • Link your Twitter & Sender wallet.

    • Click on Daily sign in (daily activity required).

    • Invite friends. Once completed, check your earned points, which will soon be convertible to tokens.

  4. Boost Your SenderDAO Points Daily: Create daily Twitter content. Every view, like, reply, repost, and quote tweet earns points:

    • Repost: 20 points

    • Quote Tweet: 20 points

    • Replies: 10 points

    • Likes: 5 points

    • Views: 0.03 points Phase 1 tasks, more to come follow them on X to recieve further update by turning on notification

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