Interview with WSJ Best-Selling Author, Dan Nicholson

Using the Certainty Operating System in Your Business and Life

Last week I had the privilege to speak with Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author, Dan Nicholson, about his book Rigging the Game and the Certainty Operating System he created.

I've been following Dan for over a year now and he is the real deal. One of the biggest things his book has done for me is helped me to create a "Solvable Problem" or defining the dollar amount and timeline preference to have the life I want.

Funny, isn't it? We all think about "retiring" in one form or another but I had no idea what that actually looked like. And it isn't just about retiring, its about understanding where you are, where you need to go and how to orient for the least amount of effort, least amount of risk and most amount of options.

I've been using the Certainty Operating System to frame my business decisions and the clarity it has brought me has been amazing.

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