Market of the Moment - 4/14/2023

Remember when it was summer on Wednesday and then winter again on Thursday? Welp, our market is just as erratic.

Actives jumped up a bit, still well below inventory levels the second half of last year but great to see some new inventory.

Pendings and solds are slightly down, which is expected as contracts move through their lifecycles. Days on market still averaging in the 20's across the price points.

If the sun comes out, maybe the real estate gods will shine down on us with a flood of inventory (flood, get it? I'm all about the weather! Hey-yoooooooooo).

Interest rates seems to be dropping ever so slightly.

The good news is, its still a great time to buy real estate. If you've felt yourself pushed around and frustrated 6-18 months ago by being beat out of offers, its time to dip your toe back in the pool. The water's fine!

Who do you know that I can help buy or sell real estate this year?

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