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What in the hell is this?

Hold your horses.

First, a little detour.

Like the gravity of the sun, the first thing I was pulled towards after installing a few apps was testing out all dem brushes. Gotta work dem brushes, bruh.

Even though this is my first experience with drawing apps and using a stylus, I feel like this is a universal one for all new digital artists (or those trying a new program for the first time). Ya just gotta get in there and test-drive all the tools available before settling into a rhythm with your favorites.

check out the lines on you

Things started innocuous enough with civility and grace, but then quickly devolved into 'I'm-two-and-still-fist-the-big-crayons' territory. Let's just call it wild horses to keep the analogy going.

made with love?

honey, I smudged the arrow

guess what song I was listening to at the time

A long day's ride

Ok, so that gets us a bit of time out on the open range with pencil, calligraphy, pen, marker, paint, watercolor, sprayer, chalk, charcoal, design, fill, glow, screentone, harmony, legacy, and miscellaneous brushes.

Saddle sores?

With a majority of the brushes back in the stable, and my tender little paws needing a break, it was on to some tools and textures. Tools & Textures was a great 80s synth-pop band btw. Not to be confused with the more contemporary Angels & Airwaves. This is where the art for the NFT at the top of the post came from.

watercolors & textures

Those pieces in the middle were a bit frenetic, so I wanted to mellow out with this one. Not as many options to play around with in the tools tab (in the neighborhood of 75+), but infinitely more complex, both with regard to understanding and application. I kept it simple with some shapes and masking; baby steps and all. It is much easier to use an oversized crayon than a radial symmetry tool.

That's what she said.

So I ask again, what in the hell is this?

It occurred to me as I was putting together this post that it would be fun to select something I was working on in or around the time of each post and mint it as an NFT. Something that captures the spirit, tells the story, and/or conveys the struggle to put stylus to glass or lens to subject at that point in time. So that's just what I did.

Jazz hands 👋

A few notes about the format and other details:

  • I will be doing seasons, each of which will be a calendar year.

  • One season = one contract

  • The SEASON // 001 contract is on Base chain.

  • There will be no set number per season, just however many posts there end up being during that year. It could be 2, it could be 200.

  • The price will increase with each new image minted in a season. I will probably do something thematic and completely unnecessary with numbers. This is mint 001 and is priced at 0.01 ETH. I think you can see where this is going. (Fun side note, Foundation wouldn't let me start at less than this.) 😥

  • I am not really expecting any of these to sell, but if they did, that would be rad.

  • Hay is for horses.

Time to hitch those horses

That's going to wrap it up for this one. Not even sure where this whole horse-themed thing came from. Apologies.

Next time I will probably be chatting a bit about my ongoing experience with Drawabox and the initial lessons. Lines. So many ghosted lines.

Until then,

Catchphrase (work in progress)

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