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Let's Get Superimposed

[AAB] SEASON // 001 - Superimposed


I have been drawing so many lines, ellipses, and shit, and I think I am going to lose my mind. But that's the point, isn't it?

Learning the Fundamentals

As a little reminder, over the past few weeks, I have been chipping away at Drawabox, an online resource that teaches fundamental drawing skills through structured lessons and exercises. The focus is on improving line quality, construction, and spatial understanding. AKA boxes all the way down, man.

The homepage of I Heard You Like Boxes

Moving at my own pace (which is encouraged, or at least in my version of the narrative, it is), I find myself still in Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses, and Boxes, and I haven't even started boxes yet. I put that in bold because even I don't believe it.

Allow Me to Present My Homework, Dawg


Ghosted Lines - Ghosted like that 2nd date.

Ghosted Planes - That's right. Planes be dead.

Ellipses 'n shit

Ellipses 'n shit Part II

Funnels and tunnels baby!

Pic of a sick Suzuki 8R just because I got my oil changed this past week and took this.

The Struggle is Real

I am not frustrated, angry, or bored... Or maybe I am all of these things. It's difficult to tell. What I am coming to terms with is that drawing is hard, and Drawabox seems to take pleasure in this fact. Probably not, but again, I write my own narratives. At least there is a logical structure here with a clear path of production.

The loop is simple: read through the lesson material, watch the related videos, complete the homework for each section, and repeat. All pretty straightforward. However, the problems for a beginner like me are:

  1. 🤡 It's not fun

  2. 😎 Where is the cool shit?

The fun thing could just be me. The fun thing is probably, in part, just me. There is likely someone out there who really loves drawing lines and ellipses, but I'm not that person. Also, in part, it's because my skills are such that fun is not yet on the menu. No skin off my back, though. I expected as much. So... problem, not a problem.

The Bigger Picture

The bigger question is a bit more complicated. Let me put it this way: When Mr. Miyagi tells me to paint the fence, I have no idea how it relates to Karate, but I know when I get done, I will have a poorly painted fence. There is a tangible product I am working towards.

When told to work on my funnels and tunnels, am I learning to draw an anime action sequence or working on an email marketing campaign? Where is my fence? When do I get to make the cool shit?

Daniel-san, never put passion before principle.

I mean, I get it. Muscle memory and all that. I'm not complaining, just looking forward to seeing a little more fruit from this labor... And possibly snatching a fly out of the air with nothing but my next-level focus and pair of chopsticks. Or at least taking a classic car to some sort of dance.

Until then, boxes all the way down, man. Don't forget to breath.

Looking forward to finally getting into the namesake of this program next week he says ironically.

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That’s it. I’m here for the art. Let’s see where it takes us.

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