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Airstack Gears For a Big Release

Ambassadors Edition #3

Airstack Gears For a Big Release

Welcome to the third edition of our newsletter! Wait, it seems that I've forgotten something—I've actually forgotten to introduce myself! Hey everyone, I'm Kyle Patrick, but feel free to just call me Kyle, or whatever you prefer, I don't mind. I've been navigating the web3 space since 2021 and have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. When I'm not diving into the latest on Warpcast, you can find me managing online communities, whether it's on Discord or another social platform. As for a personal tidbit, there's not much to share, except... well, I love pizza, but then again, who doesn't love a good slice?!

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Here are today's top news:

  • Airstack Gears For a Big Release

  • ENJOY commences Airdrop 2, Tipping is Live

Airstack Gears For a Big Release

You might have heard of Airstack around Farcaster, but what exactly does it do? Recently, there's been a lot of buzz about Airstack, especially with the launch of their Farcaster Alpha Frame. In this frame, you can trade the top tokens trending on Base. I'm really drawn to this concept since it allows you to trade your coins without even leaving Warpcast. Additionally, they're hosting a contest where you earn Airstack points by using the frame to trade, and the top scorers can win up to 3M $DEGEN!

So, what is Airstack? To put it simply, Airstack is one of the easiest ways to build blockchain applications. The reason behind its ease of use is Airstack's AI solution that allows you to build queries using natural language searches. Yes, it sounds technical, but think of it as a ChatGPT equivalent for developers, providing accurate code that actually works! Airstack offers a plethora of solutions to simplify building on Farcaster, including No-code Frames, SDKs, APIs, and much more.

Jason Goldberg, the creator of Airstack, hints at a major release happening today! Learn more about Airstack here.

ENJOY commences Airdrop 2, Tipping is Live

Building off our article from yesterday, $ENJOY kicks off its Airdrop 2 season! The concept is quite straightforward and similar to $DEGEN: you can now tip others with $ENJOY, provided that you have some tipping allowance.

However, what distinguishes it from its Base counterpart, $DEGEN, is that $ENJOY is on Zora. Furthermore, the tipping system differs in that you can only tip when you mint an NFT on Zora's website. Upon minting, you'll have the opportunity to comment with your tip to the person who initiated the mint.

Sample Tip

They are currently incentivizing tipping, and I believe we may see more activity on Zora with $ENJOY's campaign. The incentive structure is designed so that when you tip, 5% of the tips go to the first tipper, 5% go back to you, and 90% go to the creator of the mint. This could significantly increase interaction on Zora.

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