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Farcaster Cast Actions Are Here

Ambassadors Edition #7

Farcaster Cast Actions Are Here

Based Morning everyone, it's Monday again! Time sure flies so fast in this space.

It's Kyle Patrick from the Ambassadors! Join us as we unwrap the latest in the Base Ecosystem! Let's seize this week!

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Farcaster Cast Actions Are Here

Hey everyone! I've been away on the weekend and a lot has happened in the space! I hope everyone had a great weekend to rest and gear back up on this new week! A lot has happened and we have a lot to uncover starting with the Farcaster Cast Actions! (Read until the end for quick-fire news!) Let's dive right into it.

Farcaster Cast Actions are here. It's a pretty big thing, honestly I'm so excited about it. I do think this is one of the game-changing updates that Farcaster has brought about. For starters, think about it this way, if you have chrome extension for google, Farcaster Cast Actions are your extensions for social media like Warpcast! This is pretty big right?

There have been a couple of cast actions that you can add to your Warpcast account already. Among my favorites are the $DEGEN Audit Bot which lets you know how much $DEGEN a user has. I also like the $DEGEN Stats Cast Action which makes you see if a user has a tipping allowance or not. You can check the other cast actions below:

I do think that we'll be seeing some pretty epic cast actions as the days and weeks go by. For me, I would want to see a cast action where I will know how many transactions on Base a user has. I can't wait to see the much more epic ones being created as I speak -- who knows? You might be the one developing the next best cast action. Though, as usual, still exercise caution when adding cast actions to your warpcast account. Since it is pretty new, some malicious actors may take upon this chance to try doing malicious things. If you aren't sure about the cast action, check out if others are using it or if its vetted by other fellow Warpcasters. I know it's important to be early, but if it might compromise your account, it's better to be safe now than sorry later!

Interested in learning how to make a Farcaster Cast Action? Base has

Secret Quest: Share this article on Warpcast and tag @kylepatrick with the code message: "Cast" to get a reward in the form of a $DEGEN tip.

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