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Ham Chain is Coming Soon

Ambassadors Edition #18

Ham Chain is Coming Soon

Happy Friday!

Hey! It's Kyle Patrick. Join us as we unwrap the latest in the Base Ecosystem!

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The Ham Chain is coming very soon! While there is still no set date on when the layer 3 on Base will launch, Deployer announced that we are about a month out from the launch of the Ham chain. Whether you are new or not to web3, you should know that the space moves very fast and that a month may pass really quick!

Aside from this update, there were also channel updates posted on the /lp channel. While we've already known that the next ham airdrop will happen on the layer 3, what was announced yesterday is that you should now hold either 100,000 $TN100x tokens or 1 Based LP NFT to get a ham tipping allowance. This is a big update since before, you just had to engage in the /lp channel to be able to get some ham tipping allocation. Right now, the coin has surged to a +50% after the announcement showing us that a lot of people bought $TN100x.

Before, everyone can post on the /lp channel too. But with more recent updates to combat spam and increase channel quality, Deployer has decided that you will need either a power badge, 100,000 $TN100x, or a Based LP NFT to be able to post text based content on the channel. To be able to post embedded content such as frames or images, you will now need 250,000 $TN100x or a Based LP NFT. I'm excited.

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