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Onchain's Prescription Pass Mints Out Fast

Ambassadors Edition #6

Onchain's Prescription Pass Mints Out Fast

Based Morning everyone, it's finally Friday!

It's Kyle Patrick from the Ambassadors! Join us as we unwrap the latest in the Base Ecosystem!

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Onchain's Prescription Pass Mints Out Fast

Well won't you look at that. I totally didn't (I did) expected this to happen. I hope I was able to participate, but it was 3 in the morning when it minted. It's tough to be on the other side of the world when project's you're keeping an eye on launches right? Kidding aside, I'm happy for each one of you who were able to secure a Prescription Pass!

Bummer, Kyle. I know. I appreciate all of your kind words with me missing out on this one. Oh well, now that we got that out of the way, what in the world is an Onchain Prescription Pass? To be totally honest, I don't have quite a single clue. What I know is prescriptions are given to those who are sick. But we already drank the onchain pill last time right?

The Prescription Pass was announced almost 5 hours before it was launched. It was a pretty small window for people to prepare but the Farcaster community totally loved it and we're rushing to check if they are allowed to participate.

In the announcement, it was stated that there will only be 999 Prescription Passes, it was also a free mint! The only requirements to get an allowlist spots were either having an onchain score of 500 and above, own an onchain booster NFT, and cast their prescription pill.

As it currently stands, the Prescription Pass holds a staggering floor price of 0.345 ETH. (1,130$). Which is huge considering that this was a free mint. There were also some easter eggs in the description of the pass where it stated the following:

  • Patient's name: Onchain Nomad

  • Date: indefinite endless eternity

  • Dosage: high

  • Instructions: Take onchain pill with courage, it's the first step on a journey of choosing transparency and boundless truth over illusory comfort. Overdose is better than underdose.

  • Side effects: lifechange, extreme creativity, high onchain pressure

I leave it to you, Ambassadors, to decipher what that could mean.

After the Prescription Pass minted out, Lama Boo, one of the creators shared the Onchain Value Distribution, which is part of Onchain's roadmap. It would seem as if they are just getting started -- no one knows for sure what may happen in the future and I hope to know more about what the prescription pass does first.

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