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A Monday That's Super Based.

Ambassadors Edition #12

Based Monday.

Based Morning everyone, its the start of a new week!

Hey! It's Kyle Patrick. Join us as we unwrap the latest in the Base Ecosystem!

We're shaking things up. I have to admit that it's becoming a bit hard to write daily. However, I still want to share news with everyone in the Base Space because that's the based thing to do. Some days, there's literally nothing to spotlight or write about, which is why we don't have newsletters on those days. Other days, I'm just too busy with other work, but we keep going. We still ball. The compromise I've made with myself is that I'll continue to write, of course, but we're restructuring: the News around the Base Space section will now be at the top, followed by project highlights. If there are notable events, they will be featured on the day the newsletter is written. I hope this is fine with all of you!

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News around the Base Space

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Very Based Arts and Mints

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