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Exploring the Degen Ecosystem

Play warpcast and make DEGEN Tx

1. Bridge

Everyone can bridge their coins to the Degen chain through this natural channel. (Warning: Bridging to the Degen chain is quick, but bridging back takes about 7 days.)

Go to:

2. Register a Domain

Don't miss out! Register a domain according to your preference for name and length. The cheapest option starts at 5 characters and costs around 69 Degen.

Go to:

3. Mint NFT

Head over to Interact to buy or sell NFTs at your convenience. On this page, keep an eye out for the green arrow in the top left corner. You can earn points there! If you want to farm points, interact frequently. This link is to a collection I previously created. Thanks in advance if you decide to check it out!

Go to:

4. Swap and Stake

It's important to note that this chain primarily deals with meme coins. Feel free to swap or stake coins based on your own research and risk tolerance. Remember to DYOR (Do Your Own Research)!

Go to:

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