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Farcaster Mega Airdrop: Full Guide ! 🪂

Farcaster is a decentralized social media platform.

Farcaster Mega Airdrop: Full Guide

Farcaster lets you control your data & express yourself freely.
Think Twitter, but you own your content & anyone can build cool apps on top.

- Raised $180 million in funding
- Backed by top VCs like Paradigm, a16z and more.

The likelihood of Farcaster having its own governance/utility token in future looks high! With that comes the potential for a token airdrop. Here’s the full guide on how to qualify

1. Create an account on Farcaster

1.1 Go to: Create New Farcaster

1.2 Enter your email address

1.3 Check your email inbox and click the invite link.

1.4 You will be redirected to the App Store or Play Store.

1.5 Download the "Warpcast" app.

1.6 Create your Farcaster account.

Use Warpcast:

Warpcast is Farcaster’s premier app, allowing you to share your thoughts, connect with friends, and tailor your social media experience.

On Warpcast, you can follow others, cast your thoughts (similar to tweeting), recast posts, like, and reply—essentially, use it just as you would Twitter, but with your own personal twist.

If you’d like, begin by following me here:

2. Far Quest

2.1 Go to:

2.2 Claim your .cast handle With 0.001 ETH on Optimism/Ethereum

2.3 Complete the tasks on "School" and "Quests" section

2.4 Go to the "Apps" scetion and create a Gasless Free Mint. Ask your friends to mint it.

I've also created Gasless Free Mint. You can mint here:

Additionally, get your Farcaster ID by clicking on 'FID/Storage.' It's optional but recommended for added benefits.

3. Use Build

1. Create a Farcaster Account:

2. Get Your Passport at Talent Protocol:

3. Visit Build’s Official Site:

4. Nominate your favorite builders and earn points!

Remember: You can nominate up to three builders each day. Keep nominating daily to maximize your BUILD points!

Plus, you’re also farming the Farcaster airdrop simultaneously. Don’t miss this double opportunity!

4. Use Paragraph:

Paragraph, a web3-native publishing platform, has recently integrated Farcaster, enhancing your social media interactions.

Explore articles on Paragraph to collect, reply, and engage using Farcaster features.

Start by checking out my demo post on Paragraph:

5. Tips to boost your position:

- Be active on Warpcast

- Cast new content regularly

- Engage with others' casts

- Try gas less mint

- Mint Zora NFTs within Warpcast

- Complete Layer3 quests within Warpcast

Remember, the goal is to be a genuine user—engage with it just like you do on Twitter.

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