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🪂Rivo Launches with Confirmed Airdrop and Rivo Points Program!

Confirmed Airdrop

Calling all DeFi enthusiasts!

Rivoxyz (@rivoxyz), a revolutionary DeFi platform, has launched, offering a user-friendly way to participate in DeFi through their multichain smart-contract wallet and DeFi marketplace.

Here's what excites us:

  • Confirmed Airdrop: A whopping 10% of the total token supply will be distributed through an airdrop! This is your chance to earn a significant stake in a promising new project.

  • Rivo Points Program: Engage with the Rivo protocol and earn points that will increase your chances of getting a bigger share of the airdrop. Even better, these points can be used for future benefits within the Rivo ecosystem.

How to claim your Welcome Points (Limited Time Offer):

  • Visit the Rivo Points page:
    (use invite code NdZGXW for any benefits they offer)

  • Go to the "Points" section.

  • If you've previously used Kinza Finance, Trader Joe, Venus, Layer2DAO, or similar platforms, you'll be eligible to claim points!

Don't have Welcome Points? No worries!

You can still participate and earn Rivo points through these methods:

  • Head over to the "Yield Marketplace":
    (use invite code NdZGXW for any benefits they offer)

  • Deposit funds into your preferred DeFi market.

  • Once deposited, you'll automatically start accruing Rivo points daily.

  • Earn additional points by swapping tokens within the platform.

  • Complete special tasks for bonus points.

Want to learn more?

A comprehensive guide with screenshots explaining how to qualify for the airdrop can be found here:

Don't miss out! Welcome points expire in just 14 days. Claim yours now and be a part of the Rivo DeFi revolution!

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