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🔥Tabi New World is Now Live!

Tabichain New World serves as a bridge linking centralized Phoenix Feather with decentralized GG credential

GC Credential

  • GG is a crucial credential for Tabi airdrops, issued on the Tabi testnet

  • Holding GG qualifies you for the Tabi airdrop

Task to do: Exchange your Phoenix Feather with GG

1. Go to:

2. Exchange your Phoenix Feather with GG.

New users need to complete the missions first to earn Phoenix Feather. Afterwards, you can exchange it to GG.

  • Use one of below :

V0p5J T0V3J JcrvA P0Ta JoQcP FGYGk gQhbW IUwRQ 8fD5B WWtEr avCkQ LPWcE

Exchange Options

  1. Exchange your Phoenix Feather for GG at a 1X multiplier for free.

  2. Exchange your Phoenix Feather for GG at a 10X multiplier by paying 0.000033 ETH per Phoenix Feather.

If you choose the paid method, you can use the Arbitrum chain.

GG Information

  • The maximum minting cap for GG is 1 trillion.

  • The final total circulation of GG will be determined by the amount minted at the end of the GG exchange event.

  • GG holds no value other than for exchanging into the Tabi airdrop.

For more information, see the blog posts at:

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