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The Bitcoin (BTC) Master Kit

Tools to get involved, get ahead & stay ahead of the game

This is not a history lesson on Bitcoin & I’m not going to preach about how incredible it is (which it is). This is meant to serve you as a simple resource to get all of the data/information that relates to Bitcoin so that you can create your own unique toolkit.

Moving ever faster towards a techno-anarchist future, humanity is in dire need of a decentralized digital money; Bitcoin is that money.

Like a domino effect from hell, institutions that got faked out by COVID & the FED are beginning to topple. It has been unfortunate for many innocent people that got unrightfully caught in the crossfire, my heart goes out to you.

However, as one door closed, another opened.

This economic shitshow has accelerated the adoption of crypto.

Moving forward digital assets will only grow in popularity as they prove to be more trustworthy than any government; especially BTC

If you still don’t agree with this statement, GTFO.

If you don’t want to be the governments bit*h anymore, WELCOME!

Being the foundation upon which the greater cryptocurrency industry has been built, BTC has become the defacto choice for individuals & institutions that are serious about building a diversified, evergreen portfolio.

The most difficult task of all when getting into the cryptoverse is organization.

Back in the day, navigating the interwebs for Bitcoin was a daunting task; tons of single purpose sites that were tucked away in the ultra-niche crevices of private chatrooms & cypherpunk threads were unusable by many.

After 10 years of innovation, one would think its much better now…however, the smorgasbord of multi-purpose tools that are not so neatly randomized by the highest bidder under googles algorithms causes just as much organizational confusion.

Instead of just telling you to just go scavenger the internet for different tools/resources, I’ve tried to organize them for you below. The vast majority of these tools are free; very few are behind paywalls. While I don’t appreciate paywalls, I must admit that any paid service included below are honestly awesome.

The Original Bitcoin Whitepaper

Market Data:

Prices, money flows, trading pairs, exchanges & all the other good stuff












On-Chain Explorers:

Raw blockchain data: blockheights, blocktimes, mempools, & more.










Cool Extras:

Data, stats & insights that you wont find anywhere else.

Fear & Greed Index

Bitcoin Death Tracker

BitcoinAbuse —

Bitnodes —


I have only used a few of these, but have recommended the others to many of my friends that have used & loved them.

Bitcoin Intro

Nakamoto Institute

Crypto Startup School

Cryptocurrency Engineering & Design (MIT)

Blockchain & Money (MIT)

Bitcoin for Everyone



This is a very small selection of books that I have read (par 1). There are not all just about Bitcoin, these are readings that help structure a mental framework of understanding the bigger picture & implications of it.

The Bitcoin Standard

The Fiat Standard


The Black Swan

Digital gold

Book of Satoshi

The Blocksize War

Mastering Bitcoin


Listen to some of the best quality conversations & discussions about Bitcoin.

What Bitcoin Did —

The Bitcoin Standard —

Bitcoin Audible —

Orange Pill —

Bitcoin Infinity —

Blue Collar Bitcoin —

Bitcoin Matrix —

Why Bitcoin —

Cash back & Micro Rewards:

A little free fun along the way never hurt anyone (ref links below)

Fold App




FreeBitcoin Faucet

These are just a few of the resources that I am personally familiar with & use/have used on a regular basis. There are many reputable people that provide more incredible resources in the space such as Jameson Lopp & Andreas Antonopoulos.

I always suggest rather than getting lost in the organization of a million links, just start somewhere. Before you know it, you’ll get further than you think.

A little Poem on BTC to close this out:

Hard times come & go.
Great men suffer & they grow.

Fear not failure dear friend, for it too shall pass.

Until that time comes, more Bitcoin you must amass

See all you sexy motherfuckers on the Moon 🥂