Introducing ChaosNets: AI-Powered Testnets

Forget Testnets. Welcome to ChaosNet

We’re proud to release our latest product into a private alpha: ChaosNet

Fork any chain, at any time, and create virtual humans to interact with it as if the chain was alive.

ChaosNet changes the way testnets work by giving you 100% real....fake people to let you see exactly how real people will interact with your project.

The Three Core Powers of the Chaosnet AI:

  • Replicants: Create Autonomous Actors who mimic human and non-human behaviour. Turn on developer God-Mode to see how people would actually use your project.

  • Time-Travel: Select any block to go back in time and see what would happen if things went differently using the behaviour of the people who were there. Speed up, slow down, or view any chain activity and see whats happening as it happens.

  • Simulacrum: Replicate events from other chains and simulate anything from USDC depegging, to Satoshi coming back, to a chain collapsing and see it play out in real time. Watch as a chain collapses, a fork splits, or a bridge is hacked without you getting rekt in the process.

Simulate events, strategies, the past, the future, and users with the AI power of ChaosNet

If you want to be one of the first to try out ChaosNet just sign up to our Mirror email notifications to be given front row access for when we launch the ChaosNet Beta! Just sign up and you’re in!


- ApeWorX

For the latest on ChaosNet follow us on: | Discord | Twitter | Bluesky

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