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The Sandbox Weekly | 20 - 26 Nov

Edition-24 | 20 - 26 Nov

🌟 The Sandbox Weekly 🌟

Edition-24 | 20 - 26 Nov

Greetings, #Sandfam! Embark on a journey to explore the latest in @TheSandboxGame metaverse and discover groundbreaking news, upcoming events, and awe-inspiring creations over the past week.🚀



The Sandbox:

1⃣ The CINERAMA LAND Sale is now LIVE at @TheSandboxGame! 🍿

If you're one of the lucky raffle winners, it's your time to shine. 🌟 Purchase your exclusive LAND now and create movie magic amongst the best in the metaverse! 🎥


2⃣ As a celebration of the launch of Captain Laserhawk Blood Dragon on Netflix, Ubisoft and The Sandbox joined forces, granting players the opportunity to become citizens of @EdenOnline_exe in an exclusive avatar collection! 🌐

📢 Allowlist registration has now concluded

📅 Wave 1 kicks off on Nov 28 for Rabbids holders, limited to 200 on a first-come, first-served basis!

🌊 Wave 2 begins on Nov 29 for The Sandbox native avatars, LAND Owners, and @heymintxyz registrants!

All of the important dates:

3⃣ The Smurfs Anniversary bash is here!🎉

On Nov 21, pick your side—Smurfs or Gargamel—and shape the festivities in @TheSandboxGame. 🌈

Your metaverse adventure begins! Choose wisely and join the celebration:

4⃣ Dive into the heart of Thai pop culture!🔥

The ultimate metaverse concert featuring @4eveOfficial awaits in The Sandbox at @SCB10X_OFFICIAL HQ. 🎤

Immerse yourself now until Dec 11th! 🌟

Join the virtual extravaganza👇

5⃣ Embark on a true multiplayer adventure in LAB RATS!🏭🤝

Join forces with competitors to conquer tasks faster than ever. 🏃🏃‍♀🏃‍♂

Strength lies in numbers - prove it now:

6⃣ Dive into the stylish world of the @Lacoste World Tour now live in The Sandbox! 🐊

Explore Lacoste-themed versions of major cities, filled with crocodiles, explorers, and tennis players. 🏙👟

Play for a chance to earn $SAND!

7⃣ @TheSandboxGame collaborates with MENA #Web3 leader @Its_Nuqtah! 🤝

Elevating Saudi Arabia's gaming scene and crafting locally experiences. Keep an eye out for the upcoming Nuqtah @VoxEdit contest, where winners shine on their NFT marketplace! 🇸🇦🎮

The Sandbox Studios:

1⃣ Extending heartfelt congratulations to @TempestStudios on becoming ADVANCED TRUSTED PARTNERS with @TheSandboxGame! 🚀🥳

Wishing you continued success in your creative journey together! 🤝🎮

2⃣ Congratulations to @FacbrosG on achieving the status of "ADVANCED TRUSTED PARTNER" with @TheSandboxGame! 🚀

Since 2021, they've made remarkable strides, winning 1st place in Game Jam and Voxel War, and collaborating with major IPs. A well-deserved recognition! 👏🎮

3⃣ Dive into the creative process with the latest @thesandrush Workbench tutorial! 🖼🧊

Learn the magic of turning any image into a BLOCK for @TheSandboxGame platform. Let your imagination run wild! 🎨

Check out the tutorial here:

4⃣ Attention #Sandfam, get ready for a slicing extravaganza! 🥷🍉

@AviramStudio is searching for #BETA TESTERS for Slice Master on @TheSandboxGame! 🎮 Score perks like exclusive access to slicing chaos and VIP status in the Feedback Boss Battle. 🔥

5⃣ @krafter_eth is a perpetual source of excitement, regularly bringing giveaways to the gaming community! 🎮🎁

Always keep an eye on their updates for thrilling opportunities like Builder Battles passes. Stay tuned and follow for more chances to win exciting prizes! 🚀

6⃣ The celebrations continue with @Pickaxe_Master! 🎂

Join the festivities for a chance to win the coveted Magia Pickaxe and secure a spot in the exclusive 5000 $SAND Mining Leaderboards Prize Pool! 🚀

7⃣ Exciting news from @TheSandboxIndia and @CoinDCX! 🌐

Get ready for a metaverse mashup blending finance and desi vibes in the upcoming BharatBox experience. Buckle up for a cultural rollercoaster like never before! 🎢

Exciting times ahead as @Okto_app partners with @TheSandboxIndia!🌐

Join the digital odyssey on the #BuildWithBharatBox mission, bringing finance and culture together in the metaverse. Game nights, educational series, and bespoke projects awaits!🎮

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Doing something amazing? Want to be featured in the #SandboxWeekly? Drop a comment and let me know! 🚀

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