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The Sandbox Weekly | 11 - 17 Dec

Edition-27 | 11 - 17 Dec

🌟 The Sandbox Weekly 🌟

Edition-27 | 11 - 17 Dec

Greetings, #Sandfam! Embark on a journey to explore the latest in @TheSandboxGame metaverse and discover groundbreaking news, upcoming events, and awe-inspiring creations over the past week.🚀



The Sandbox:

1⃣ Embark on a magical journey as SEASON'S GREETINGS kicks off!

Explore a winter wonderland with 60 enchanting experiences, featuring iconic brands and a whopping 600,000 $SAND reward pool. 🎉

Join the celebration now:

🎁 Whether you're an explorer, avatar owner, or LAND holder, there's a piece of the 600,000 $SAND reward pool waiting for you! Immerse yourself in festive experiences and claim your share of the joy! 🌐

2⃣ Dive into the missions of the French Red Cross (@CroixRouge)! 🏥

Experience the life of a volunteer through quests and adventures, and seize your portion of the 125,000 $SAND reward pool!

Join the humanitarian journey:

3⃣ NFT royalties in The Sandbox are getting a makeover! 💰

The in-house solution now ensures fair compensation for creators. 🔗

ASSET secondary market royalties will be split 50/50, with 2.5% going to The Sandbox and 2.5% to the original creator. 💪

Learn more:

4⃣ Exciting News! 🚀 The Sandbox Marketplace is now live on @0xPolygon! 🌐

Mint ASSETs with reduced fees, sell your creations, and earn royalties on resales. The new UX/UI features improved filters and an easy ASSET upload flow.

Explore now:

Ready to mint your ASSETs on The Sandbox's new Layer 2 (@0xPolygon) Marketplace?

🔗Check out this quick guide by @Pandapops7 for easy steps and insights!

The Sandbox Studios:

1⃣ Dive into the mesmerizing Shrine of Kongz experience, a true masterpiece by @thesandrush & @nabiya_creative.

The incredible artwork and attention to detail create an epic adventure! 🎮

Explore now:


In a dazzling event organized by @TempestStudios inside @TheSandboxGame winter extravaganza, the EPIC release party of @warpsound_ai was a hit!

👏Congratulation to the team for their success!

explore the social hub:

3⃣ Dive into the world of Game Maker 0.9 with @DeividasGikis and @TheSandboxGame! 🕹

Don't miss this informative 6-minute video where you'll learn all about the exciting new features.

👉 Watch now:

4⃣ Immerse yourself in the brilliance of Nobel Land by @MetapeaceAssoc by @hermitcrabgame! 🕊

Explore six Knowledge Houses: Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Economics, Literature, and Peace. Join the challenge guided by Nobel Laureates.

5⃣ Congratulations to all the winners of the Alpha Mining Season in @Pickaxe_Master!

The 5000 SAND prize pool has been successfully distributed to the best miners.🏆

Get ready for the upcoming Beta Mining Season, packed with even more SAND rewards!

6⃣ Join the excitement! @gamedizzy is hosting a Raffle Giveaway in the #SandFam community! 🚨🎉

Three lucky winners will each receive a common catalyst. Simply comment with your wallet address to enter.

Good luck! 🌟

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