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The Sandbox Weekly | 12 - 18 Feb

Edition-36 | 12 - 18 Feb

🌟 The Sandbox Weekly 🌟

Edition-36 | 12 - 18 Feb

Greetings, #Sandfam! Embark on a journey to explore the latest in @TheSandboxGame metaverse and discover groundbreaking news, upcoming events, and awe-inspiring creations over the past week.🚀



The Sandbox:

1⃣ Join the #VoxEditContest hosted by @TheSandboxGame partner, @Its_Nuqtah! 🌟

Share a GIF of your asset, tag @VoxEdit and @its_Nuqtah, and include #NuqtahVoxContest for a chance to win fantastic prizes! 🚀

Full details here:

2⃣ The #TSBBuildersChallenge is in full swing! 🏗 @TSBCreators

Join the ongoing 10-week event, showcase your creativity, and build in The Sandbox metaverse.

Don't miss the chance to be rewarded for your skills! 🌟

Check it out:

3⃣ Exciting news!🎉 The winners of the TOWER DEFENSE-themed Game Jam with @carebears have been announced in a live awards ceremony.

Explore the amazing winning creations below! 👇🏆

4⃣ Following the recent announcement from @TheSandboxGame, @Bellbyche is set to become the Team Racing Manager for @IconxWorld’s squad! 📷

Get ready for your chance to join this elite team.

Onwards to the finish line! 🏁

5⃣ Last week, the #LoveAndMusicTSB festival welcomed the world-renowned record producer, @taykeith of @warnerchappell, for an engaging AMA session! 🎛🎧

If you missed it, catch the replay at

6⃣ Dive into Kuniverse and join the World Champions competition for a chance at the 15K $SAND Pool Reward!

Explore the behind-the-scenes creation process with @eter__studio here 👉

to participate and visit 👇

7⃣ Join @TSBCreators in the "INTO THE UNKNOWN" Game Jam with @MocaverseNFT! 🪐

📅Register by Feb 27th!

🏆Prize pool includes 50,000 $SAND, 20 LANDs, CATALYSTs, and exclusive Mocaverse prizes!

Full Details 👇

8⃣ The second exclusive rewards for Steve Aoki Avatar holders are now live on @TheSandboxGame! @steveaoki

Don't miss out—claim yours before it's too late! 🚀

9⃣ The Game Production Guide has landed, brought to you by @TSBCreators! 📑

Explore the world of game-making with tips and tricks for crafting engaging experiences. 🎮

Dive in now:

The Sandbox Studios:

1⃣ Get ready for the Ashara Season with @AsharaStudios!

Discover new experiences, missions, and leaderboard scores. 🎮 Exciting surprises and NFT rewards await!

Read all the details about how the season will work in this article:

2⃣ Explore The Wonder World! 🌍

From Feb 12 to Apr 22, @twwgame is hosting a 10-Week Challenge with exciting adventures and prizes. 🎯 Start your quest today and unlock the mysteries!

For full details, check:

3⃣ The Legend of The Miners has begun! 🎮@Legend_Miners

@FuturaMeta invites you to join the 10-week race with weekly rewards, including $SAND and $MYO. 🏁

Plus, find the treasure for a chance to win an Estate in #TheSandbox!

Start your adventure now:

4⃣ Dive into the madness with Gatsmania: Jumping Madness! 🥳

@GATSstudio brings you an adrenaline-packed game on @TheSandboxGame. Jump, run, and conquer the platforms - but beware, they might just swallow you! 🏆

Play now:

5⃣ The new Mining Season kicked off, featuring a hefty 11250 SAND Prize Pool!🪙

@Pickaxe_Master announces the launch with an exciting Gold Pickaxe giveaway.

Complete the tasks for a chance to win! Winner revealed on 21st Feb. Good luck, miners!

🔥 Additionally, @Pickaxe_Master spices up the Mining Season with extra incentives!

Craft one full Gear set in-game and stand a chance to win 500 SAND.

Aim higher – craft both sets in a single session, and walk away with a whopping 1000 SAND!

6⃣ Last week marked the launch of the epic 10-week #QUESTFEST play-to-earn event by @TempestStudios inside @TheSandboxGame!

Embark on a journey to complete daily-revealed quests and claim your share of $SAND and exciting prizes.

Dive in now:

Read more…

7⃣ @krafter_eth brought us an exciting episode of GM Metaverse Last week, unveiling some incredible news! 🎉

In case you missed the live broadcast, worry not. Catch the replay here:

8⃣ The @Bincoverse League HIGH Edition has officially kicked off!🎮

Join the Binco High Race, embark on the Binco Forbidden Harvest, and explore Binco The Genesis PT1. 🏁

📢Lots of prizes await you

Get ready for an epic gaming experience! 🚀


9⃣ Experience the legendary times at The Sandbox workshop hosted by @TheSandboxIndia! 🌐

Last week, creators gathered to dive into the world of game creation.

Missed the action? Check out the pictures and catch a glimpse of the creative vibes:

🔟 Exciting News from @DeividasGikis!🌟

The Trendy Factory game is now live on @TheSandboxGame, marking a significant achievement for the talented team including @Ixuraaa and @VieVoxx. Kudos to the internal dev team for their hard work.

Play now:

11- The much-anticipated @OUTRstudios Scavenger Hunt has officially kicked off!🎮

Unearth hidden secrets, decode mysteries, and explore the wonders within the Social Hub.🕵‍♂️

Ready to embark on this exciting journey?

Play Now:

12- 🪳 Attention, Roach Enthusiasts! 🪳

The Season 2 of @RoachUprising is now live!

Immerse yourself in an enhanced gaming experience with fresh updates and exciting additions.

🗒 Join the Season 2 festivities at

Play now:

Doing something amazing? Want to be featured in the #SandboxWeekly? Drop a comment and let me know! 🚀

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