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The Sandbox Weekly | 18 - 24 Dec

Edition-28 | 18 - 24 Dec

🌟 The Sandbox Weekly 🌟

Edition-28 | 18 - 24 Dec

Greetings, #Sandfam! Embark on a journey to explore the latest in @TheSandboxGame metaverse and discover groundbreaking news, upcoming events, and awe-inspiring creations over the past week.🚀



The Sandbox:

1⃣ Exciting news! Get ready to dance into the holiday season with DanceFight in a groundbreaking initiative! 🕺🎉

Everyone is welcome to join the fun. Let's go!


2⃣ The Marketplace is now accessible to all with an enhanced CATALYST system.🌐

Last week's release was just the beginning, and more CATALYSTs are on the horizon. Dive into the details in this article:


🌈 Curious about Catalysts? Get an in-depth look at this transformative feature by exploring our dedicated thread:

3⃣ Dr. Bomkus' Trials have crowned their champions!

The vault is set to open, and winners have until January 23 to unlock its secrets. 💎🚪

Dive into the details:

4⃣ Nov 3, 2023, marked a milestone as The Sandbox opened its metaverse to all #UGC, unlocking fresh monetization horizons for creators🛒

Explore Polygon Marketplace, NFT Gating with Game Maker 0.9, and personalize with NFT sensors.

Dive into details:

5⃣ Welcoming 2024 with a bang! The Sandbox unveils a revamped Game Maker Fund (GMF) model and introduces an Engagement Pool for creators.

📣 Explore the details in our latest article:

The Sandbox Studios:

1⃣ Holiday festivities are in full swing at @thesandrush! 🎄

Join the RENDER RUSH RALLY, a daily AI Art competition until Christmas! 🖼

Exciting prizes include a free trial code for @midjourney, plus RUSH tokens for winners. 🏆

2⃣ #HungamaNFTs offer a golden opportunity to build with major Bollywood IPs on @TheSandboxGame! 💎💼

Discover more about this exciting venture and how creators can monetize here:

Follow the thread for details:

3⃣ Exciting news! 🎉

@krafter_eth has teamed up with @OUTRstudios for weekly BUILDER BATTLES in @TheSandboxGame! 🛠🏰

Calling all game makers to join and have a chance to earn SAND, CATALYSTS, and NFTs! 🔥 All skill levels are welcome.

4⃣ Big applause to the winners of Game Jam #2 hosted by @DeividasGikis!🏆👏

Congratulations on your well-deserved chocolate medals! 🎖

And for all the participants who gave it their best shot, your efforts didn't go unnoticed! 🌟

More details 👇

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