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The Sandbox Weekly | 25 - 31 Dec

Edition-29 | 25 - 31 Dec

🌟 The Sandbox Weekly 🌟

Edition-29 | 25 - 31 Dec

Greetings, #Sandfam! Embark on a journey to explore the latest in @TheSandboxGame metaverse and discover groundbreaking news, upcoming events, and awe-inspiring creations over the past week.🚀



The Sandbox:

1⃣ Reflecting on 2023, it's been an extraordinary journey in The Sandbox metaverse! Groundbreaking features, from the Polygon Marketplace to the game-changing Game Maker 0.9, were introduced. 🌟

The unveiling of Dr. Bomkus Trials and other thrilling events added to the excitement. The vibrant community has played a pivotal role in shaping this monumental year. Thanks to their creativity, passion, and dedication, The Sandbox has become what it is today! 🚀🎉

🎄 As 2023 comes to a close, gratitude fills the air for the incredible moments and achievements shared in The Sandbox. The community's energy and enthusiasm have been the driving force behind the metaverse's evolution.

From memorable events to innovative features, each step has been taken hand in hand with the amazing creators.

Stepping into the holiday season, warm wishes are extended to the entire community. Here's to more adventures, creativity, and success in the upcoming year! 🌟🎁

2⃣ Embrace the enchantment of the Season's Greetings in The Sandbox metaverse!🌨

Dive into a winter wonderland featuring 60 captivating experiences. From snowy landscapes to festive decorations, each experience is a celebration of the holiday spirit.

The Sandbox Studios:

💚 In this week's studio updates, I'm excited to unveil a curated list of studios that captured my keen attention throughout 2023. If your studio isn't featured, drop a comment below, and I'll be sure to include it in my watchlist.

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the active studios featured in this list. Thank you to everyone who contributes to making The Sandbox such a vibrant and captivating space.

It's essential to clarify that this compilation pertains solely to studios and not individual projects or personalities.

@32voxstudio @GATSstudio @metaguildcom @EntanglementTSB @TheSandboxIndia @AlphaSquad0 @1alphaStudios @YtsejamGame @ma_artanddesign @KOCGAMESCO

@TheCouncilTech @Sandac_tech @devotedstudios_ @ArkBlockStudios @AlcyMeta @AviramStudio @SandBricksArt @eragala_io @HavocStudiosTSB @hallugram @meta_archs @BEAMstudio_pro @Bincoverse @nimitnation @Pickaxe_Master @metalympics_org @OUTRstudios @FuturaMeta @RubiksArchitect

@virstate @MetaceLab @WagmiEstates @spacesdao @PANGUKENAL @VauxMachina @MetaMundoBR @Sandja_Studio @The_CGame @Metaprints @questsoftriloga @GameMakerFund @mgh_metadev @MetaLabsCo @_MVStudios @VoxaMech @FPeykanpour @sandstormmeetup @DeividasGikis @krafter_eth @FacBrosG

@BlazeGamesAU @MetaMaker_io @VoxelVentures @Indexgamehk @TheLandvault @bem_builders @nabiya_creative @meta_worlds @SCB10X_OFFICIAL @MyRealityGG @thesandrush @TentangoGG @smoblerstudios @RealityPlusWeb3 @VredeAarde @hermitcrabgame @warehousephil @TempestStudios

@TuschayStudios @OvidiuTepes @Webhelp_Global @interactivestud @biborg @AnthonyTori

Doing something amazing? Want to be featured in the #SandboxWeekly? Drop a comment and let me know! 🚀

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