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The Sandbox Weekly | 29 Jan - 4 Feb

Edition-34 | 29 Jan - 4 Feb

🌟 The Sandbox Weekly 🌟

Edition-34 | 29 Jan - 4 Feb

Greetings, #Sandfam! Embark on a journey to explore the latest in @TheSandboxGame metaverse and discover groundbreaking news, upcoming events, and awe-inspiring creations over the past week.🚀



The Sandbox:

1⃣ Calling all Metalheads! 🤘 The Blastheads from @nuclearblast have arrived in @TheSandboxGame!

Mint your avatar now and get ready for Blast Valley, featuring an exclusive 50K $SAND prize pool for Blasthead holders! 🎸🔥

2⃣ Legendary 'ground fox' Shin Tae-yong, the iconic attacking midfielder and inaugural 'K League Hall of Fame' inductee, is making his mark in @TheSandboxGame! 🦊

Stay tuned for more thrills and excitement!

3⃣ Soccer legend Shin Tae-yong, known as the 'fireman🚒' and 'badass👑,' is set to make a grand entrance into @TheSandboxGame! 🔥

Get ready for an unparalleled virtual experience! Explore now:

4⃣ Missed the epic GMF AMA by @TheSandboxGame last week?🎥

Catch the replay for details on the revamped Game Maker Fund model! 🏆

Exciting updates for the creator community are just beginning.🚀

Watch now:

5⃣ Exciting news! @TheSandboxGame will be at @nft_paris with a fantastic lineup of side events! 🇫🇷

Don't miss special guest appearances, exclusive collectibles, networking, workshops, and more.

Get your tickets here:


6⃣ Ready to level up your Sandbox skills? Check out this quick video from @TheSandboxSEA on using key controls to navigate the Game Maker!

Learn essential moves with your mouse & keyboard, and soon you'll be crafting experiences like a pro! 🏗

The Sandbox Studios

1⃣ Calling all Sandbox Projects and Voxel Artists!🌟

@MetatheoryS is on the lookout for partners to join an exciting event in mid-February.

If you're interested or know someone who might be, reach out to #mazz4444 on Discord for more details! 👨‍🎨🔥

2⃣ @Teamecoverse has just unveiled an updated version (0.9) of Toon Defence! 🎮

Now featuring Weapon Gatcha, Defense Style Change, and more. 🚀They are gearing up for the release, aiming to bring the joy of the game to a wide audience. Stay tuned for the official launch! 🕹

3⃣ @belindalzh takes us on a trip down memory lane with a #throwback to an engaging workshop with the Cryptohive community.🚀

Belinda shares valuable tips for getting started with @TheSandboxSEA. 🎓

Check out some insightful advice here:

4⃣ The countdown to the new Mining Season of @Pickaxe_Master has begun, and they're kicking off with a thrilling Pre-Season giveaway.🪙

Get a chance to win a Silver Pickaxe!

Winner will be announced on 7th Feb.

To enter, simply follow these steps:

5⃣ In a thrilling event that took place on January 29, @TheSandboxGame community experienced the excitement of the multiplayer racing game "Camel Race" by @FacBrosG.

participants transformed into jolly camels for a thrilling race against friends at the location [60,12].🐫🏆

6⃣ Ready to unleash your inner architect in @TheSandboxGame? 🛠

Join the fun with free sign-up accounts preloaded with @OUTRstudios modular asset kits! Perfect for learning, creating, and competing in entry-level Builder Battles. 🌐

Sign up here:

7⃣ The second @3VEREST_camp "ICEFALL SPEEDRUN COMPETITION" is now live for the #SANDfam!🏔

Race until Monday, February 12, 2024, for a chance to win a prize pool of over 1,000 $SAND. 🏆

Check out rules and details here:

8⃣ Game design insights! @DeividasGikis delves into the foundational element of game design, the game loop, in a recent discussion.

Join the conversation and share your thoughts here:

9⃣ Fashion alert! 🎩

@DeividasGikis also shares the exclusive Trendy hats in the vibrant Trendy Nerds community on Discord. Only 10 of these stylish hats will ever exist in @TheSandboxGame.

Join the fashion club and grab yours now:

🔟 In a recent past event, @lhh_0814 hosted a Hat 3rd Airdrop, offering 5 lucky winners a chance to receive trending Metaverse hat NFTs.🗞

Participants engaged by following, liking, RTing, and tagging friends. The event is now concluded.🧢🌐

11- @krafter_eth gears up for a Metaverse Spotlight episode with @EntanglementTSB!🗝🌟

Have burning questions about the ongoing EPIC Treasure Hunt in @TheSandboxGame? Drop them below, and stay tuned for insights and updates! 🔍

12- Don't miss out! @makingmetamoves announces a thrilling Giveaway Alert!

Share for a chance to win $55 USDT! 🚨 Meet their Advisor, @SamHuber, CEO of @TheLandvault and @MateraProtocol. Express your gratitude and join the excitement! 🎉💰

13- Explore the latest gear in GEAR UP!

@TheSandrush invites you to test out a fantastic set and more from various artists and studios.🔥

Dive into the excitement at👇

Doing something amazing? Want to be featured in the #SandboxWeekly? Drop a comment and let me know! 🚀

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