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The Sandbox Weekly | 5 - 11 Feb

Edition-35 | 5 - 11 Feb

🌟 The Sandbox Weekly 🌟

Edition-35 | 5 - 11 Feb

Greetings, #Sandfam! Embark on a journey to explore the latest in @TheSandboxGame metaverse and discover groundbreaking news, upcoming events, and awe-inspiring creations over the past week.🚀



The Sandbox:

1⃣ Blast Valley is LIVE! Dive into the metal mayhem and revive the desolate tavern.

Play NOW and seize your chance at the 50K $SAND prize pool, exclusively for Blasthead holders! 🔥🤘


Get a Blastheads Avatar:

Other requirements to play:

Screenshot 2024-02-12 113933



2⃣ The GoGo Game Jam theme is revealed: "OBBY RACE"! Let the madness begin! 🏁🤪

Design the craziest obstacle course and bring your creativity to life. Get the details on Medium:

Official GameJam page:

3⃣ SHIBUYA109 WEARABLE COLLECTION Vol. 2 holders, prepare for double the fun! 📣

Participate in TWO epic SHIBUYA109 events in @TheSandboxGame. 🌐

Complete quests to win a share of the 5,000 $SAND prize pool! 🚀

Check details here:

4⃣ Exciting News! 🌟 @TSBCreators has been launched, serving as the go-to hub for building in The Sandbox! 👋

Make sure to follow for valuable tips, tricks, and insights on the free Game Maker tool, empowering builders to revolutionize #UGC without the need for coding! ✨

5⃣ Dive into the world where creativity meets music! 🎤✨

Join @TheSandboxGame at the Love and Music Festival this February, a celebration of passion and artistic expression. 🌟

Don't miss out on the magical moments!



6⃣ New to crypto? 🌐 Check out this beginner-friendly guide on setting up @MetaMask 🦊, shared by @TheSandboxSEA! Learn the ropes – from downloading the extension to securing your account with 🔑 phrases, and making your first token purchase! 🚀

7⃣ @STEAMcultivator (@TheSandboxGame

Education Program Manager) shares the love for creators at @TheSandboxGame! 🫶

📖 Explore new docs with more resources:

🚀 Stay updated on creator news and content to level up:

The Sandbox Studios:

1⃣ @EntanglementTSB announces their participation at @nft_paris! Join them at the @TheSandboxGame booth alongside @NZoneStudio. Let's dive into the world of #Entanglement and chat about the wonders of the metaverse.🌐🚀

2⃣ On February 3rd, FacBros' SANDION project (by @FacBrosG) officially launched its mentorship program! 👨‍🎓🎮🎉 (With @TheSandboxGame)

Passionate Korean creators convened to discuss and shape the future direction of SANDION. 🚀


Embark on the spine-chilling journey of the Backroom horror game, crafted by @FacBrosG! 😎

Silent, scary, and filled with startling dreams of terror. 😱🥹🫢

🔗 Play now:

Additionally, Check out the amazing video shared by @FacBrosG featuring their Bomkus GameJam entry! 🚀

3⃣ @TheSandboxIndia made waves at E-Summit 2024!

CEO @KaranVerse was a distinguished speaker at the event held at @iitbombay on Feb 4, 2024.

He delved into "Metaverse Mastery: Building Virtual Realities," sharing insights alongside industry experts @AjeetK and @T3chnician_.🌐

@TheSandboxIndia concludes the Lord Parashuram #NFT airdrop, delivering all NFTs to deserving community wallets! 🙏

Check if you won:

Unlock treasured @growfitter rewards:!

CLAIM before the portal closes forever. ⏰

Get ready to soar into a musical journey in the #BharatVerse! 🎶✨

In collaboration with @Hungama_com and @animocabrands, @TheSandboxIndia is crafting a digital spectacle that will redefine the harmony of #Web3. Can you guess what's in store?

Attention @RITVIZ fans! 🎉🎸 Get ready for a wave of "Udd Gaye" excitement! 🌊

@TheSandboxIndia is teaming up with @Hungama_com & @0xPolygonEco to bring you a concert spectacle that will redefine your music experience "Liggi" style! 💥

Join them on Feb 17th for exclusive perks, immersive Web3 wonders, and unforgettable vibes.🎵🕒

Grab your tickets now:

4⃣ The LEGEND returns! ⛏🌟

Get ready for the epic comeback of @Legend_Miners by @FuturaMeta! 🚀

Discover what's new in the deck and embark on another thrilling mining adventure! Stay tuned for updates and surprises.

The Million $SAND event is about to kick off! 🚀

Join the excitement by playing The Legend of the Miners by @FuturaMeta. 🌟

Don't miss out on the #Airdrop! Read all about it here:

✅ Share and Retweet, tag 3 friends to secure your $MYO drop! 💎

5⃣ Prepare for an adventure in Trouble Down by @R00FUE (in collaboration with @32voxstudio, @theshakesbeer, @CyberDragonADA)!

Watch the exciting gameplay trailer now and immerse yourself in the wilds of Australia in this infinite runner game! 🌏

Catch the insightful conversation between @krafter_eth and @R00FUE about the Trouble Down Under Part 1 experience! 🗣🎮

📺Watch the recorded video here:

6⃣ Dive into the creative world of @Au24KAY! 🚀🎮

Check out their Dr. Bomkus Haut Trial GameJam entry and experience the excitement. 🕹👾 Watch the amazing video here:

7⃣ Exciting news from @GATSstudio!🎮

Check out the sneak peek of their game, "Gatsmania: World of Gatsummons," an action-adventure project with unique gameplay mechanics for @TheSandboxGame. 🌐🚀

Stay tuned for the next updates!

8⃣ Embark on an enchanting journey in DOGA CITY, a vibrant world within @TheSandboxGame, crafted by @nabiya_creative. (@Dogami)🐾

Join heroes on an epic mission, encounter adorable dogs, and unravel mysteries! Dive into the adventure:

9⃣ 📢 Attention Adventurers! 🛡

@AsharaStudios invites you to share your feedback on @TowerOfMyths 🦊.

Hurry, and seize the opportunity to claim a limited edition NFT medal for completing the survey! ⚔

Access the feedback form here:

Last week, @AsharaStudios treated adventurers to the Celestial Lightforged Armor Airdrop in @TowerOfMyths - Quest 7! 🔥

Don't miss out on their exciting competitions and airdrops. Follow them for updates on the next epic adventures and rewards! 🚀

🔟 The @Bincoverse League: HIGH Edition is set to launch on @TheSandboxGame on 12/02! 🎮

Get ready for a gaming extravaganza with loads of prizes, SAND rewards from renowned NFT Artists, Web3 Games, TSB Studio, and more! 🎁

Dive into the details:

Purchase the BL HIGH Edition Pass (by @Bincoverse) to unlock exclusive perks: HHP role on Discord, access to special quests, HIGH Holder Reward Pool Drop, and future privileges! 🚀

Don't miss out! Grab yours now:

11- Dive into the creative process of crafting exclusive voxel art for @TheSandboxGame by @hermitcrabgame! 🎨

Witness the team's artistic journey as they bring life to an upcoming metaverse experience. Feeling the love? Share the excitement! 🤩

Get a sneak peek at the upcoming football game by @hermitcrabgame, heading to @TheSandboxGame soon! 👀⚽

Gear up for an adventure that enhances your football skills, propelling you into the realm of sporting legends! 🏆

12- Metaverse Explorers, get ready!🚨

In just 2 weeks, the #OUTRScavengerHunt is set to kick off—an adventure packed with surprises, challenges, and fantastic prizes. Stay tuned for exclusive hints from @beastingETH & @GusMcArthur during the hunt! 🕵‍♂️🌐

13- @DeividasGikis gifted 5 exclusive Trendy hats to the Trendy Nerds community on Discord, and the remaining 4 are now sold out! Only 10 item from this collection will ever exist in @TheSandboxGame!

14- Exciting news for #Funguys! 🏡 (@FunguyFamily @TuschayStudios)

The mushroom house toy figures are now available! 🚀

Claim your $TSHY Coin for holding your Funguy and use it to shop for exclusive physical items. 🛍

🔗 Claim & shop now:

15- Clan Manager now available on @Pickaxe_Master! 🎮

Explore its features and functionalities in this informative video:

🎉 A resounding round of applause for @TheSandDude, the triumphant winner of the Silver Pickaxe giveaway hosted by @Pickaxe_Master! 🪓⛏ Your mining adventures just got an exciting upgrade. 🚀

16- A gaming revolution unfolds in the #SandboxGame! 🚀

Kudos to @VauxMachina & @ColdCutsNCheese for breaking barriers and unleashing their latest masterpiece through the Game Maker's no-code platform. 🎮🌟

17- Santa Wizzy and Wizzy the Golden are back in action! 🌟 A huge shoutout to @TheCouncilTech for their dedication and resolving the metadata issue. Now, you can proudly feature these iconic characters in your #SandboxGame experiences once again. 🚀✨

Happy creating! 🎮🎅

18- The dedicated team at @KOCGAMESCO has been cooking up some exciting updates to take your gaming experience to the next level 🎮

Curious to know what's in store? Check out their latest announcement for a sneak peek into the thrilling developments.

19- Unlock the mystery in the latest hidden-object game by @TentangoGG ! 🕵‍♂️

Featuring a unique builder meta-game, this creation emerged from the latest game jam, showcasing the simplified logic thanks to the new visual script editor.🚀

20- @manuca_eth just dropped an incredible video showcasing the Sandbox gaming experience on Apple Vision Pro! 🍏✨

21- @TempestStudios presents #QUESTFEST🌐

Embark on a 10-week quest-filled scavenger hunt starting Monday, Feb 12.

Don't miss out on your chance to claim a share of the 20,000 SAND prize pool! 🚀🔍 Join the excitement on Discord for upcoming details:

22- The Ghost of Mars OG Season Pass by @_GhostOfMars is here! 👻

Holders enjoy copies of all future minted prop assets during the OG Season for at least six months. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity! 🚀🌠

Doing something amazing? Want to be featured in the #SandboxWeekly? Drop a comment and let me know! 🚀

Enjoyed this thread? Spread the word to others who might too! 💚

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