10th February

The Journey Continues

Today is Saturday and we have a special date planned with my wife so I don’t expect to do too much work.

Yet I’m always doing “something”.


This an L2 of Eth that I’ve been following and playing around for a while. I started exploring it because I kept earning their token through my articles on Publish0x.

Publish0x - Earn Cryptocurrency for blogging

I’ve already minted a campaign NFT on it before and today I did another! this one was to celebrate that yesterday I published the second edition of my “Builder Journal” on Paragraph.

The NFT is free to claim (there are only minting costs to pay):

Claim | Coinvise

I will become more active in the OP space, first because they have really interesting products for me to test and try out. 2ndly because they have opened an Ambassador Program which I’d like to take advantage of and that I’d like to bring to the Testnet Community.

I’d like to create the DAO in OP next week using:

Aragon | Build Better, Together

It would help me do more things in the Space. Create a tutorial and more interesting things for Independent Academy and also add more value to my profile when I apply to become an Ambassador for the OP community.

The nice thing about minting NFTs on OP, is the low fees, the great platforms that it offers which make the whole thing so easy. The only problem is that I can’t find a way to reduce the minting costs which are usually around $1.5.

This is not bad, but if I want to give it to people who are new to the ecosystem, who may not have a wallet yet or ETH to pay for the fees, this could be an issue, or at least “friction”.

For the time being it at least it allows me to see who is interacting with the campaigns and I can begin to airdrop DAO tokens at a later stage to them. But 1.5 USD per NFT is pricy for the use case I want to give them.

I will continue to search to see if there are better ways to do this.

I’d very much like to issue NFTs on all I do, Magazine covers, Article Thumbnails, Builder Journal publications, etc.

I need a place where it is cheap to mint and ideally free to distribute Which sounds impossible or unlikely. I will find the closest I can get to this.

I think maybe farcaster “frames” may be the answer to this… If I can combine all this to a way to increase my farcaster following that would be ideal!

You can follow me here:


I’m becoming very bullish on Farcaster and I really want to find an alternative to twitter, the atmosphere there is terrible. But it is still necessary for all I do.

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