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Into the Unknown we must go.

25th Of February

Even though it is the weekend I continue to take some steps forward. I spent some time organizing my files and getting things sorted.

I created the Independent Academy Twitch channel to start hosting the “Digital Voyager” series over there. I added it to my streamyard account and this Monday I will attempt to do the first livestream.

You can find the channel here:

IndependentAcademy - Twitch

I’ve also applied to P00l to see if it is better for us to issue our token there or with Aragon.

Either tonight (Sunday) or tomorrow (Monday) I will do the first “Building in Public” Show. And start the docu-series on how we build the Academy.

I’ve already updated the Independent Academy Roadmap stage 1 to reflect this. I now need to adapt Stages 2 & 3.

The way I’m currently thinking is this:

  • Stage 1 has already been adapted for the “Infrastructure” stage. Building the DAO, and showing how I’m putting all the pieces together.

  • Stage 2 will be, once all the infrastructure has be laid, showing how we work “behind the scenes” on the Academy. The strategies and tools we use to be effective. How we’ve built our second brain, how we created our interview show and the benefits that it has brought us. How to leverage the platforms and tools to make our content creation process so much streamlined and better, etc. How we use AI to create images, books and even shops. How we are building our website with Beacons and Notion. And how we use our Social media channels.

  • Stage 3: This will be the end state (at least for now, it could change in the future). The idea here is to end up with a community of builders and entrepreneurs, both digital and physical presence. And help them get their ideas into the world and create the life they are aiming to build and live.

It is the most ambitious project I’ve ever dared to undertake. But life is an adventure, and might as well swing for the fences. As they say, aim for the moon and land amongst the stars.

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