9th of Feburary - The Story is Complete!

Finished the story for the book!

Yesterday Recap:


Yesterday I launched the first paragraph newsletter!!!

It was basically a copy & paste of my builder journal entry and while this may not be the best use case for a newsletter is good enough and it keeps me going and experimenting which is always great.

And I’ll attempt to do this in a regular way. It also helps me put more effort into my journal, as more people might have access to it.

There is an option to “Token Gate” which will be great once I have a token for Independent Academy.

Yesterday I also created with the help of my wife a new short story for our “Bellomas” project:

In the realm where music and heartbeats align, Under the moon’s soft, silvery design, There, my love, you compose the world’s rhyme, With every note, our souls intertwine.

If you want to check out all our Bellomas work (there is still a ton left to be added):


I’ve created a farcaster account, this is a decentralized social media built on top of Optimism. It is very interesting and catching a lot of attention lately by the implementations of “Frames” which are like app within their version of a tweet called a “cast”.

I’ll continue to explore and seek to connect with people here. I definitely want an alternative to centralized social media. The problem with all these new ones always is that they don’t have as many users and it is hard to build a big audience in them.

Also, for my work, unfortunately, everything is measured by your Twitter (now X) reach. So I can’t really stop publishing there.

If faracatser takes off, being there early can be good. But it is still not obvius that it will. Yet as someone who loves exploring, I’m in.

You can also join and follow me here:



My main objective today is to continue to work on the valentines day gift for Belle, which will also be the next book to be published by Bellomas.

As for Independent Academy I should also set up and post about the upcoming spaces with Albert Liang, CEO of BTC Startup Labs.

  • To do

    • [x] Set up Spaces.

    • [x] Finish the script for the Bellomas Book.

    • [ ] Start creating the Images.

I did it!!! I finished the story!!! All I need to know it the titles of the chapters and begun doing the Images 🙂

You can read it here if you are curious on how it turned out:


I am very excited, I do think this is the best story I’ve ever done. The first book + this one is the perfect setup for the 3rd and final instalment.

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