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Building a new Web3 Home

It has been a long time since I've published a newsletter. Many things have happned.

Firstly and foremost I have been banned from X which was my main social media account. I haven't been told why and I can't seem to have any recourse left to get it back.

This was at the same time when I was considering taking a long break from it, so it seems that the timing was right. Even though most of my income depended on X I never really liked and I think is a very toxic place to be.

So I took some time off social media and focus mostly on educating myself and trying to figure out how best to bring my ideas to life.

I continued to collaborate with the Testnet Community where we've been creating a ton of educational content in Spanish.

I continue to explore all of what web 3 and crypto has to offer and see how I can apply it to all my projects.

I convinced the Testnet team to create a DAO for our project and we have finally done it!

This is a very happy moment indeed!

We did it using Aragon, which makes it incredibly easy. We issued the first set of our tokens and we are not debating how we can allow members of the community to start earning it thorough actions that can help the community grow.

I am a firm believer that when someone participates in a community, that person is adding value. It makes complete sense to me that the community gives that value back in the form of a token. I think in the future people will expect this to be the case and will not participate within a community if this community does not give some of the value back to them.

I just think we are early and that is why most communities don't do this. I want both Testnet and Independent Academy to be in the vanguard of this new paradigm.

Now I'm researching a platform called "CharmVerse" which is super interesting to me.

It looks, feels and operates like a web 3 version of Notion. Perfect for DAOs to work together as a distributed team. With the Testnet DAO we were building a Notion, putting all our educational content. With Charmverse, we can do the same, but open it up to the community. We can add tasks for people to earn form and earn community tokens, NFTs or badges.

We can create a directory of every member and see who is contributing more in order to reward them. And we can all build this library of content together. It is a beautiful image. It can also connect with Telegram and Discord.

With the magic of PWA (Progressive Web Apps) you can quickly turn it into an app and bypass the apple and google stores!

Meaning anyone can now build a DAO treasury using Aragon (we created on Arbitrum and costed $0.07) and a community app, extremly quickly and at almst 0 cost.

Imagine everything we could build if more people knew about all this incredible tech?

Anyway, as you can see I haven't been publishing newsletters but I have been very busy. I have also created the Charmverse for Independent Academy where I am beginning to publish my daily notes and thoughts about the markets, crypto technology, etc. It will act as a blog where others can publish their thoughts as well.

Ideally I would love for a community of people looking to explore new technologies to gather there and use a community token to self organice. We will see how it goes.

If you are interested to check it out here is the link:

As most of what I do it is a lot of experimentation, exploration and my only true goal is to learn. You are welcome to join me in this adventure!

Until the next one

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