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Celebrating The Milestones

Things are starting to pick up!

Great day today!!!

Started going into the Rootstock ambassador meeting. There people started asking me questions about all of the things I’m doing in the different ecosystems.

So much so that we ended up recording a short tutorial right after the meeting about Solana and the “Super Team” platform. Briefly touching on the new paradigm of web3 and crypto projects and how it is the only place where you can earn by exploring, experimenting and learning. It is in Spanish though:

I had to cut it short because I jumped into an interview that I already had set up with Tyler Sherwin, creator of Tradfi to Defi and RWA world.

We spoke about his journey and mine into the space and the landscape of RWA. He has a newsletter about it that is great to stay informed on the evolution of this space.

Right after this I hosted the first “Decentralized Social Tuesday”. this is the same concept as “AI Sunday” and “Optimism Monday”.

Every Tuesday I’ll explore live a new platform in the decentralized social media landscape. In our first episode we took a peek at Zora, the L2 blockchain built on the OP stacks.

Zora allows you to create NFTs for free and it works amazingly when used in conjunction with Farcaster.

In the livestream we created our first NFT and shared it into Farcaster 🙂

I added the new “Show” into the website:

And the Zora NFT collection as well:

I am a big fan of how Beacons can act as my complete content map and aggregator. Every day, week and month it just keeps getting bigger and more robust! It really allows me to feel the progress I’m making which only makes me want to do more and more stuff to keep moving forward.

Then I has an amazing conversation with the team from Sphinx, an app using the lightning network to create your community. They were very interested in my experience using Farcaster. I think while lightning apps are cool, the problem is they are not interoperable with the web3 space.

Looking how Farcaster is growing and how with the use of frames (apps within the app) they are interoperable with a ton of other projects. I love using Paragraph and Zora with Farcaster and I will continue to explore others that do so as well.

So I am less bullish on isolated lightning apps. Often time their selling point is: “But we use Bitcoin so we are better”. But with a lot less users and no connectivity, to my eyes they are a lot less appealing. Which I’m sure it is not what they expected to hear haha.

Closed my day with a wonderful news… My YouTube channel crossed the 30hs of content watched in the last 28 days 🙂

Things are good!

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