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Embracing Uncertainty!

Good things are on the way :)

Yesterday’s Builder Journal will not be published on our newsletter as the day was mostly spent doing a lot of the boring work we need to do in order to finish our application for the Australian citizenship so we can go back to Argentina on July.

I am super exited about the prospect of returning to Argentina this year as there the need and adoption of emerging technologies is much higher and much more needed.

I think this will make my contributions more valuable and more impactful. I would like to help connect the different projects, tools and solutions with the people that needed the most.

That at least is my goal.

On a different note, I went to the Australian Defi Asociation this week and was given a few minutes at the end to talk about Rootstock and the things that are being built on Bitcoin.

It is great to see the increase in attention the Bitcoin world is receiving at the moment.

As someone who has been involved in this space for many years I still believe that other ecosystems and tools have their place and Bitcoin is probably not the best place to build everything we need. At least not in the next 5-10 years.

But I am excited about what new kinds of tools and solutions we could build on Bitcoin and make them functional and better than the alternatives.

This is mainly why, unlike most people in the space, I like to keep an open mind and look at the entire crypto space as a whole. I am not tribal, the way I see it, I don’t care which ecosystem gives me the best tool, as long as I get to benefit from using said tool.

I’ve also been doing a lot of livestreams exploring different ecosystems. My strategy is go live, use the different dapps openly and transparently while I explain how they work.

Then after I cut each section and upload them individually into the Youtube channel.

The next step is to grab each of this segments YouTube link and embed it into the “Ecosystem pages” that I’m building.

The end goal is for people to easily choose whatever ecosystem they are interested in. See in a quick glance all the different protocols and for each one have videos explaining how they work.

I’ve recently added CELO, the mobile friendly EVM blockchain, Uniswap and I am now added all the complete overview of everything you can do on MarginFi, a Solana DEX.

Working this way ensures that I can go live in several platforms almost every day and that my “ecosystem pages” keep growing.

All this get aggregated into the Beacons page and then everyone can access it in a very simple way. That at least is the goal of the Academy. At least for now. We might find a way to make it more accessible and easy to use in the future.

I am trying to accomplish many objectives in a single effort. Grow the Academy content, explore the technology space live, learn as much as I can and document all my learnings so others can learn from them.

While I do this exploration, experimentation and learning I also want to qualify for the different airdrops, platform incentives and all that web3 has to offer.

As well as to connect with different people and teams building in the space to expand my network and opportunities towards the future.

It will probably take a long time for people to understand what I am building and there is a chance that it will never really catch on.

I will confess that sometimes I wonder if I am crazy. I could certainly be doing better if I just choose one camp (like for example Bitcoin) and just say that bitcoin is amazing and everything else sucks. If I became just a mindless actor pushing one narrative I will get more followers and opportunities. But I can’t do so and sleep well at night because it is not what I truly believe.

As much as I love Bitcoin and its ethos. The space is moving forward in may different ways and I don’t want to be too ideological and close myself off.

I am by nature a very curious person and can’t help myself to wanting to explore everything there is to do in the realm of emerging technologies.

I see the space in a state of flux that has never existed before and it surprises me how certain everyone seems to be that they have the “right” answer and that everyone else is wrong. Many people claim this and all this claims are contradictory of each other, so by default most people (if not all) have to be wrong.

I wish people would stop fighting between each other on what ecosystem will ultimately win and focus more on how to use this technology to improve the world. They way I see it, it doesn’t matter who wins. Whatever ecosystem attracts capital and users will be the one that builds the best and most useful tools. This means that they will have the most positive impact in the world and the lives of actual people.

That is what I am most concerned with. How can this tools improve the lives of people?

I don’t care where they are built. I want to maximize human florishing and the time people have in this Earth.

One thing is for sure, there are very few exciting things happening elsewhere. The reason I am still heavily involved in this space is that I see that it is here the area where the most transformation will take place. And the more opportunities will be generated.

I have left everything I thought as true behind and enter the space with open eyes and open mind. I seek to learn and go through this journey in the most open and transparent way possible.

With the hope (there I say, the faith) that if I do, good things will happen…

Let’s find out together.

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