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Level up!

We continue to make progress towards our objectives :)

It has been a few days since our last entry. We’ve been working a lot and pushing forward in many different fronts.

Optimism Application:

The main one is that we’ve applied to the Optimism Ambassador program for an “Ambassador in Training” role. As we continue to build out the academy and the educational content around it, having a partnership and a potential of monetizing our exploration of the OP super chain would be immensely valuable and helpful.

I have my fingers crossed but we will have to wait a few days to see if we actually get approved.

Website Updates

I’ve updated the OP ecosystem database to include our last videos:

As well as created the BASE and LINEA ecosystems which have both been added to our Beacons page:

Content Updates

I continue to explore different ways of creating content, as we wrote on our earlier newsletter, we created our twitch channel. Now I can happily announce that I’ve done the first livestreams.

At the moment these can be divided into 3 sections (with some overlap between them):

  • Building in Public: Showing live the tools that we are using as the backbone of the academy itself.

  • Digital Voyager: Exploring interesting use cases, ecosystems and applications in the crypto and emerging technology space. Usually doing some sort of quests or gamified approach.

  • Web 3 gaming: This is new and only did the first livestream today. I strongly believe that gaming and blockchain goes hand in hand together and it will be a massive driver of adoption.

I’ve added each section to the beacons as “Live shows” and created separate playlists in the YouTube channel.

State of the Market

I think Ill begin to posting my thoughts on the market and my strategies within it in a separate newsletter.

This one will be token gated and it shall serve as a way for me to experiment with this new feature in Paragraph as well as a new utility to the community token we are about to launch.

This community token will be airdropped to all NFT holders, either from our Paragraph newsletter or our NFTs issued on Zora.

You can check out our collection here:

The Token airdrop will likely happen sometime next week.

Just FYI do not consider this token an economic investment, I have no intention in creating a pool or allow it to trade for real value. It is simply a way to recognize those who are supporting the journey by minting NFTs and being part of our community.

It is also a way for me to actively experiment with this technology and what it can be used for. The newsletter token-gating is one of those examples. More are sure to follow.

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