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17th of February Update

So far so good today. Started by creating a detailed plan for my wife and I about our upcoming trip to Argentina. I used the same startegyb as I use for my work, put everything into a database and break down each segment into actionable steps:

And then using the same database I distribute each topic to a specific day. So not only we now know everything we need to do, but we also have a clear plan on when everything needs to be done:

Some of the stuff has not been asigned a day yet as we need to do the asigned ones first in order to get the necessary info to start working on those.

Yet, this gives us a great way to keep track of everything and to see that we are progressing effectively and that we will have everything finished in time for the trip.

The interview for the next week has been set!

We will discuss the topic of RWA!

I’ve created a lot of videos yesterday exploring different ecosystems to participate form different airdrops. I definitely need to create an “airdrop hunter” within Independent Academy. And create content around all this stuff. At the moment I am focusing on Kamino in Solana, and Eigen Layer by participating in Mantle and I’m contemplating the Puffer Finance one as well. Though that one is a bit more complicated since its on the ETH L1 and the fees are an issue there.

One of the things that I’ve been struggling with these past few weeks is with publishing the Articles and issuing the NFTs every day.

I have made changes to my day to day activities to hopefully address this.

Our end goal is to every Monday have all the articles, NFTs and videos to publish during the rest of the week.

Ideally 7 of each every Monday which is difficult and it is more than ok if we don’t end up having that many.

We have now moved the Magazine publication to Friday instead, so we can work on it when all the other stuff is done.

We’ll see how this goes and make the necessary changes accordingly. My idea is that Monday’s are usually a day very quiet (since for the rest of the world is still Sunday) and if we can get everything sorted then, the rest of the week will be much easier to deal with.

No matter what unexpected thing happens then… We know all that stuff is done. Then all we have left is:

Interviews on Tuesday.

Clips on Wednesday.

Magazine on Friday.

Looking at it now I think moving the Magazine creation on Thursday makes more sense. My wife goes to the office so it tends to be a very quiet day where I can do deep work. And if I can’t finish it I still have Friday to catch it.

Let’s see how this goes!

Given how I am now starting to explore so many different ecosystems and dapps. It could make sense to make weekly “shows” out of them in order to attract more attention and be active in all the different ecosystems. This can be all be broadcast live to Yt, LinkedIn and X (saving me the hassle of having to edit) and every day I would explore a new dapp on a different ecosystem.

At the moment the ecosystems I am interacting the most are:

  1. Rootstock

  2. Stacks

  3. Optimism

  4. Solana

  5. Mantle

This is enough to do a 1 show for every weekday on each ecosystem and grow my presence there. Then capture all these videos for my Beacons and Notion. They can be short, 10-30 min. I also have the live interview, so that makes it 6 live shows a week. The last day can be used to show an interesting AI tool.

I could do an Article on each of the protocols and that would cover the Article section for each day. And also create an NFT to give away to the people that join live. By showing a QR code to a form, or some way fir them to participate. A bit like a POAP.

This could make the entire thing super seamless. I’d have to create wallets that are specific for this and keep my personal funds separate. But this will mean the less amount of friction from idea to content and would attack all fronts at the same time.

All the different ecosystems have a section where they showcase their dapps. It would be a matter of going through them one by one.

No edits, no re-takes, just set record, go live, mint the NFT, and then just write the article and put it in the Notion and Beacons… that is it! then share in the respective community and in DESO and Farcaster to grow our decentralized socials accounts.

Let’s try this!

And in this way be better embody our motto of “Explore, Experiment & Learn”. Since all we’ll be doing is exactly that. Explore the different ecosystems, experiment by using the protocols and learn from the experimentation. It combines everything we want to do into a single piece of content. Something that requires a lot less time and production.

This is the way!!!

I’ve just added the new segments for every day and I’ll be starting off tomorrow. Sundays will be AI tools and I will do an overview of Beacons AI. I really love this tool, is one of my favorites and it has an affiliate program! so it could potentially be monetizable too.

With this new system we will expand every aspect of the Academy every day with as little effort as possible. It is the best way I can envision of moving the project forward. I am super excited about it.

Some of my current followers won’t like it because they want me to only talk about Bitcoin. But I have an urge to expand and reach different horizons, talk to different people and interact with other ecosystems. So while we may get some backlash in the short term but it is better for the long term and I don’t want to make desitions on what topics to cover by how my “audience will react” I want to follow my curiosity wherever it may lead me.

What is the point of the “Independent Academy” if I am not “independent” enough to pursue what I want to pursue. The call of adventure is upon me once more. And I feel I am being drawn to a new stage of my journey.

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