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New Newsletter Unlocks.

Today I tested a feature of Paragrpah that is super interesting! The ability to allow people to collect the newsletters as NFTs. I can attach an image to them which is great as I always create a new image for the newsletter anyway.

This allow people to start owning the pieces of the journey. I can set this up for 0 upfront cost. It is a good way for those who wish to support me to spend a few dollars to get some of my history. On the other hand, I could make them free and that way perhaps attract more people. This is something I need to think about.

For the first time I added a $2 USD price tag in ETH. Low enough for those who want to get it without being free. I’ll see how this go. I’m just very excited that this allows me to start minting my newsletter and my images at 0 cost.

An added benefit is that when I share the paragraph link on Farcaster it shows up as a frame. So people can join the newsletter, collect and read all without leaving the app.

I’m very bullish on farcaster and how it is integrating itself with all the different dapps on Optimism, base, Zora and other blockchains. I definitely want to make my place in this network.


Today I begun executing on my thesis of using livestreams to be more effective at creating content. I am so far happy with the results. It was Sunday so I begun with looking at AI tools. I’ll call this section “AI Sunday”.

It would be great to create a “shows” section in the Beacons and set up recurrent times so I can attatch calendar notifications to each link so people can join regularly and get reminders (maybe I can use Notion Calendar for this).

I was going to do my first presentation on Beacons, but I woke up to some messages from Charles Lesieur, the creator of Sats for AI. He has made a major milestone of reducing the costs of his platform to only 21 sats per request, which is literally 1 cent USD.

I thought this was perfect timing so I went with his platform instead. I can always do Beacons next week

Here you can find the new livestream:

It was actually a lot of fun and it reduces the time and friction of creation massively.

While, of course, I need to improve the format and the delivery. I am super happy with the results and have no doubt that this is the way to move forward, and how I can become even more effective as a content creator.

I’ve also created an “Independent Academy” Community on Telegram:

You are all welcome to join it! So far I’m the only one there haha.

Now I need to make the Spanish version of the livestream, so I can share it on the testnet community. And I’m contemplating doing a nighttime “Building in Public” Stream sharing what I’ve done to move the project forward and where my mind is at. I think this can also be good content, keep all my channels moving forward and be more stuff to share in this newsletter with a new image and NFT in each one. Which I can also use for the thumbnail of the video.

These can also be turned into more “professional” looking articles for my publications using the power of AI.

It is an intriguing idea, again very far in the “exploration” that I find myself immersed in. Something, no wonder, most people will criticize. But it is something I would very much like to pursue.

I have a feeling that the more I open up and show what I do and how I think openly and transparently… the better things will get for me. It is a thought that I need to test out and see it play out in the wild.

I think I need to try. I could make a mobile version of this videos for IG and Tik Tok so those accounts get some more content in them.

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