Taking the Right steps in the Right direction.

Getting ready to set up the initial infrastructure.

I continue to experiment, to change, to adapt. I keep on exploring, experimenting and learning in this vast and expansive world of emerging technologies.

I am seeing how I can combine everything to create something that has never existed before. Something truly one of a kind!

I started with the idea of doing live shows, which for reasons I expressed in previous newsletters I still believe this to be the best way to both create content and build in public. Both things that I am focused on.

My first iteration was to create ecosystem specific live shows like “Optimism Monday”, “Rootstock Wednesday”, etc.

This was good but exploring apps and tooling in a vacuum was not ideal. I rapidly shifted to the “Digital Voyager” series. Doing open ended livestreams simply exploring what web3 has to offer.

I like this concept and I will continue to explore it, but I need to make this “separate” and it’s own thing. This is why I will be creating a Twitch channel or a dedicated livestream platform (TBD which one).

So as I continue to think on the structure for my content and communication strategy. Because I want to explore, experiment and learn in a way that others can see (building in public) so that they can learn with me, and I can use all this new tools to build a community that could potentially allow for the people who come in the adventure with me to benefit from it.

I kept thinking and tossing ideas in my mind back and forth. What is the best way to do all this effectively?

This is what I’ve decided, it may change as I put it to test and get feedback:

Instead of creating an “ecosystem specific show” I will laterally create as part of the “Independent Academy” a “Building in Public” show.

I’ve already found the apps that I want to test to see if I can combine to build out the academy, they can all be found here:

The Utimate Community Project

So in this Show I will go and start using them live, building the academy structure live. At the end of every show I will create an NFT and allow people to mint it.

As part of the project we will issue our own token and reward our NFT holders.

As we find more community tooling we will also integrate them and we will continue to build out the Academy over time and then the “Building in Public” show will literally be our own docu-series on how the academy came to be.

The “Digital Voyager” will be a sperate show (Also part of the Independent Academy project). And the approach here is different, but complimentary.

In this show our thesis is that those who dedicate themselves to explore and participate in the new digital economy will be rewarded. So we will explore all the new ecosystems and applications web3 has to offer and try to connect with all the different communities.

If we are right and we do end up receiving rewards, a % of them will be deployed to the DAO treasury. So our NFT holders (who will be airdropped our Token) will have a chance to decide how to use this treasury, and why not even have a way to be gifted some of it as well. I want eventually for people to come on the journey and benefit from doing so.

It is a wild concept and a crazy idea. But I am all for wild and crazy.

I will also continue to post this newsletters as often as I’m able to (daily if possible). In part because writing stuff down really helps me organize my own mind. But also so people can see how I’m thinking, and where I’m going.

Using Paragraph they will be issued into NFTs and whoever gets them can own a part of the Independent Academy history and receive future DAO tokens

I will start with this new plan of action and see how it goes.

I’ll need to update the roadmap for the Academy to include all this new plans and ideas.

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