The Adventure Continues!

Optimism Monday!

What a day oh what a day.

Yesterday we successfully did our first livestream, it was AI Sunday. And today we begun the day doing Optimism Monday!!!

We created an NFT campaign Live and launched it into the world. Then we reshaped the beacons website to now have an “NFT Collection” section with the coinvise and Paragraph collections.

We will add more as we continue moving forward, specially on Wednesday we will create a Rootstock collection, on Thursday one on Stacks, Friday we will do a Solana collection and Saturday one on Mantle.

So by the end of the week we will have a bunch of NFTs on a bunch of protocols and this will only increase with time.

We also need to add our DESO collection and continue to mint over there.


We also added a section on the Shows, which now feature AI Sunday and Optimism Monday, each with a specific image and color to represent their ecosystem.

Once again, by the end of the week I expect to have 7 shows in total (one for each day of the week) & I would like to start the “Builder Journal” Nighttime show. Just doing a quick recap of the day with my thoughts.

Though I may start next week with that so I don’t over work myself too much, too fast.

I talked with the Testnet community to see if I should also do a Spanish version of each of the shows and add them to the website. But unfortunately have not heard from them back.

This is one of the bad parts of having to work with a team. With Independent Academy, because is just me I can go from idea to execution with no friction. When I start collaborating with others there is always a slower process and I find it a bit frustrating.

It is, for this reason, very important to me to keep Independent Academy and Testnet separate. To work on both simultaneously and allow them to feed on each other. But I need something that is fully my own so I can go as fast as my mind goes without needing to ask anyone for permission. Without a space to experiment with all my ideas in real time, I will definitely go crazy.

I think tonight I will record the Spanish version anyhow and just added to the Spanish section of the academy.

I also need a way for people to subscribe to notifications on when I’ll be going live. Ideally a way that they can choose the ecosystems they are interested in and only get the notifications for those, without receiving all of them.

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