The Rise of the Digital Voyager

And the emergence of the DAO

It’s been a couple of days since my last Builder Journal entry. Things are going very well. I’ve been experiment with another crazy idea of mine.

As I started doing live streams and I’ve been enjoying them so much. They are the best way for me to both explore the crypto space and get content out there regularly.

I have this thesis that because of airdrops, incentives and rewards. If one just dedicates themselves to explore the entire space, this can turn into a lucrative venture. Specially if creating content at the same time.

I wanted to put that to the test and it is why I created the series “Digital Voyager”. Which is pretty much exactly this. I also found an interesting website where projects list quests for you to go and explore them and earn XP.

This was super interesting to me, because I know have a platform that sets all the quests for me. Rewards me with XP, so I can try out everything and start qualifying for future airdrops or rewards.

I’ve attempted to do the first episodes on X but I think it may not be the best platform for this. I am contemplating maybe bridging that over to twitch.

Here are the first two episodes of Digital Voyager so far:

In that first episode I explored Solana and minted my first NFT in that ecosystem. It can be claimed for free (even if you don't have a SOL wallet) here:

And today I did episode 2 which is where everything started going wrong for me haha. It was a great learning on how to solve things live. As well as I understood better how the quest website worked, which was very helpful.

I was also able to get great post content cutting the parts where I was actually using the different tools for their own videos (which I now need to add to the notion):

The other 2 have been schedule for tomorrow and the day after.

This way of working is messier and I’m not sure how many people really enjoy this long live sessions where I just go “exploring”. But, even the ability cut this post content out of them makes them very interesting from a productivity stance.

Perhaps the best idea would be to move the live streams to twitch, so anyone who wants ca watch the there (and YouTube) but leave twitter out of it? I am not 100% sure about this. It is something I will need to continue to explore and experiment.

I also want to get started on web3 gaming, if I do, then that is where twitch would be better for. Too many things to consider. For the time being I just need to keep going.

One thing is for sure, my Notion (what I use to keep my “Knowledge Library) keeps growing and expanding every day. I always have more content, my expertise grows and so that us my understanding of the space and the ability to explain it to others. So we are definitely in a good track.

At the end of the 2nd episode I minted an NFT on Zora, my plan is to do this every time. Allow people to collect it. Then create a DAO, issue a token and airdrop it to whoever has been collecting them.

This would be a great way of putting all this technology to the test.

I would be an incredible experiment. I already know some platforms that can be used for this. And I can combine, this, the Zora NFTs, and everything on Bonfire! which could act as the central hub of everything. Where the community can live.

I will attempt to build all this stuff out live. While people are able to collect the NFTs. We will see how it goes and if anyone ends up being interested.

One thing is for sure… No one is doing what I’m doing. And it will all be done in Public!!!

The collectors of this newsletter NFT will also receive the upcoming DAO airdrop

I think I will update the roadmap for Independent Academy to reflect this new trajectory.

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