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Must we mean what we chat?

AI will not replace you

As AI went from a science fiction concept to a mainstream service, many said that AI agents would replace professionals

We disagree

Although it is clear that organizations around the world are rethinking and reshaping their overall corporate management structures to remove middlemen who simply interpret the work of juniors and pass on the information to senior management responsible for making decisions

Delegating a project to another person is an incredibly complex task that requires trust, alignment, communication, et al.

The list goes on...

The idea that a person can be replaced by a chat interface on a LLM reflects a real misunderstanding of AI and professional organizations in general

So what will be the role of AI?

As discussed previously, AI is lumber

It's building materials

Accordingly, it can be used to create limitless things

But things are not tasks, projects, and goals

There is no Zapier function for get it done

Project execution is the domain of people

However, the reality is that most people are specialists, and AI is a generalist

It knows a lot about everything

For instance, an engineer can use AI to create a marketing plan for their product

And AI will create that plan... fast

It will create a wall of text so massive that a new problem will arise

Converting information to priorities

This is no small feat, and it's something that an experienced person will see immediately (and laugh at the 101 level instructions)

This is why we trust and rely on people to get things done

AI suggests things - people do things

This is where Atlas - AI for group chats - has a unique approach

We understand that, in most applications, AI is a fraction of a solution

But what it does very well is expand ranges of understanding, and create bridges between people with different backgrounds, skill sets and experience

AI defaulting to the average understanding is actually a positive when two people who don't speak the same professional language need to communicate

Building on the previous example, the software engineer and marketing expert can use Atlas to chat about the marketing plan together, expand their shared understanding, and co-steer the project toward its priorities and goals, faster

That's what we mean by GroupGPT

If you're interested in trying out Atlas for yourself, click the following link to begin using the Atlas Telegram bot today

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